Book 2 - Lords of the Highlands

The Highland Commander

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"Readers craving history entwined with their romance (a la Outlander) will find everything they desire in Jarecki's latest. Scottish romance fans rejoice." --RT Book Reviews
She cannot resist the man behind the mask... As the illegitimate daughter of a Scottish earl, Lady Magdalen Keith is not one to partake in lavish balls or other frivolities. Yet at her father's urging, she agrees to dance with the battle-weary officers at this year's holiday masquerade. It's practically her civic duty! But when one such officer--whose dashing good looks cannot be disguised by a mere mask--sweeps her off her feet and into his arms, the innocent lass can't help herself. Her lips are his for the taking.
But will he betray his country for a kiss? Navy lieutenant Aiden Murray has spent too many months at sea to be immune to the charms of this lovely beauty. Even after he returns to his ship, she lives in his dreams. But when he discovers Maddie's true identity-and learns that her father is accused of treason-will the brawny Scot risk his life to follow his heart?
"This book hit all the right notes for me: swoon-worthy hero (oh, so, swoon-worthy); a sympathetic and capable heroine; intrigue and action scenes (fast paced); witty dialogue and banter; and sensual love scenes that grow the relationship. An excellent read." -- The Romance Dish

June 27
Grand Central Publishing
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Gallowaygirly ,

An enduring love!

I received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review. Enjoyed the storyline. The growing romance between Aiden and Maddie covers a long period of time, with months of separation and stIll the love grows between them. Events happen that separate them and then brings them back together. The tension between the English and the Highlanders was evident throughout the book. I can readily recommend this book as a good read.

XmasStar ,


The Highland Commander, Lords Of The Highlands, Book 3
By Amy Jarecki
Narrated by Penelope Hardy

Author Amy Jarecki pens an outstanding, wildly exciting, absolutely thrilling, romantic Highland story. Set in the period of Queen Ann and Prince George’s reign in England, one gets a glimpse inside the politics, backstabbing, haughty, snobbery of the Queen’s Court. At a time of extreme prejudice toward Scott’s, and with Queen Ann’s fears of plots against her life, this author takes the reader through a thrilling story of intrigue, deception, innocence, and rejection. Lady Magdalen Keith, or Maggie, lives her entire life over-shadowed by her illegitimate birth.
When she arrive at the queen’s court to plead her father’s case of innocence, Maggie must endure a greater and constant level of rejection from high borns who believe birth and blood make them superior to all else. Reacquainted with the devilishly handsome Commander Aidan Murray, Maggie wonders if he too cherishes the time they spent together a year pass at the mask ball. When Aidan gets a moment alone with Maggie, he pulls her into his embrace and assures her, she has consumed his thoughts while away at sea. As conspiracy, gossip and accusations try to destroy Maggie and ultimately her father, Aidan’s life is invaded with grief, honor and duty, causing him to keep his distance from Maggie.
Maggie’s time at Court turns from bad to worse as the once taunts turn to something far more sinister. Maggie is suddenly in fear for her life and suffers unimaginable circumstances of an ill balanced society. As Aidan attempts to save Maggie from an unthinkable fate,
he realizes nothing in this world matters more to him than having Maggie in his arms until he draws his last breath.
Aidan will move Heaven and earth to keep Maggie safe and far from the cruelties of Court life. Through it all, Maggie discovers, all the rejection, all the disappointments, the accusations and horrific conditions she suffered, are all just a moment in time compared to her eternal love for Aidan, her knight and shinning hero. When she is in Aidan’s arms, the past disappears and the future is her dream come true. As we travel on this journey we joyfully discover true love and unequivocal acceptance, which for two people truly does conquer all.

Narration: Narrator Penelope Hardy performs this story quite well. She moves in and out of characters voices effortlessly, as she brings written word to life.

pegg12 ,

Too Good To Miss!

The Highland Commander is a well-written and exciting historical fiction romance.
Lady Magdalen Keith was used to being shunned and treated as an outcast. As an infant her mother gave her up, knowing that she’d have a richer life with her father, the Earl of Marischal. However, when the Earl married, everything in Lady Magdalen’s life changed. Her stepmother didn’t want the Earl of Marshal’s illegitimate daughter in her home. So, Lady Magdalen was sent away, ostracized, once again. The Earl provided financially, for Lady Magdalen, and on occasion, visited her, but that was the extent of his expression of love for her.

Lady Magdalen met First Lieutenant Aiden Murray at one of her father’s masquerade balls. Lady Magdalen thought that when the two of them fell in love, her days of being snubbed and treated as an outcast were over. She was wrong, though, very wrong.

The Highland Commander is a riveting story filled with suspense, betrayal, and romance. I was captivated and cared about the characters right from the start. Lady Magdalen is a strong, likable heroine and Lord Aiden Murray, a hero like no other. Although the story does not paint the Earl of Marischal as a villain, I didn’t like him. He put Lady Magdalen in harm’s way, too often for my liking. I read the book in one day because I couldn’t put it down.

Thank you, Forever-Grand Central Publishing and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy. I loved it!

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