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Hunted, Punished, and Shared

Enjoy these three tales of our medieval Scottish Highlanders and explore the kilted side of Chera Zade, perfect for those who enjoy punishment, bdsm, and multiple men at once.

Hunted by the Highlanders
Innocent Catherine’s village has been taken, overrun by rowdy, ready men all of them eyeing her pure, womanly body. The Highlanders have come up with a new form of Hide and Seek. Run and hide, but if they find her, they get to have her – any way they want.
Catherine does as she’s told, hearing other girls getting captured in the distance. Her hiding place is good, but when a friend is surely going to be caught, Catherine sacrifices herself to the two virile menchasing her, their beastlike needs enough to leave her trembling in their wake.
She may be brave, but can Catherine handle being taken hard and fast by both battle hardened men at once?

Hungry for the Highlanders
Brave Catherine is one of the women offered up to the lusty and rough Highlanders. They’ve taken the village, and they expect obedience in every way. When Catherine is chosen to tend to the needs of the soldiers, they show her just how they punish disobedience. Why if it’s a punishment does she want it so badly?

Their strong, battle hardened bodies frighten and excite her, but when she misbehaves on her very first day in the fort, she discovers it isn’t just one man who wants to teach her a lesson. They’ll take her hard and fast, and show her how to behave if it takes all night.

Handed to the Highlanders

Still in the hands of the lusty Highlanders and their powerful commander, Catherine finds herself at their mercy when they drag her to the dungeon for their wicked plans. Five kilted Highlanders wait around the rack, ready to tie her to the dark machine and have their wicked way.
Can Catherine take another round of hard and fast punishment at the hands of five battle-hardened Scots, each of them ready to make her theirs in every way? And what will she do when the commander reveals her reward for loving every second of it.

This searing hot, Highlander Bundle is for a mature audience.

Fiction & Literature
December 14
Chera Zade
Draft2Digital, LLC

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