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You think you've got problems? Don't talk to Maggie Lee about problems.

Her mother's escaped from the loony bin, and rumor has it she's robbing people for ice cream money.

A mob boss is insisting she liberate his daughter from a mental hospital that Maggie's pretty sure she belongs in.

And people keep trying to kill her.

While Maggie deals with all that, she must also contend with her dysfunctional family; the challenges of parenting her orphaned niece; a handsome, but dangerously curious reporter; a hot manny who lives under her roof and gets under her skin; a smooth and sexy con man; and a certain murder mentor/cop redhead. And, honestly, it's getting too much to bear. Good thing she has her talking animals to confide in.

But with everything that's going on, can the intrepid, yet inept, hitwoman figure out how to keep everyone she loves safe without ending up in jail or killed?

Or will she just take up residence in a rubber room herself? Truth be told, she could use the break.

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 27
Jennifer Baum
Jennifer Baum

Customer Reviews

Killer 1979 ,

Hitwoman series

Read all 13 of the "Hitwoman" series, when can we expect #14?

jewelrydiva ,

Loved it!

Super fun series, I can't wait for the next book! I love the characters, human and animal! Maggie's life is crazy but that makes for a very fun story!

Darcie223 ,


Jb Lynn weaves a fantastic story! The Hitwoman series is at the very top of my list of favorite series. As always, I was pulled into the story like it was happening before my eyes. And when I turned the last page to read "the end" I was absolutely left wanting more!

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