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"The Hocking Hills: A Place Called Home" is a photographic documentary of the Hocking Hills region in Ohio by photographer Alex Snyder. 


The unique topography of the Hocking Hills region hosts over 3 million annual visitors, who enjoy over 25 miles of marked hiking trails. Some will pass through while on their way along the Ohio Buckeye Trail, or the American Discovery Trail—the sections through the region being known as the Grandma Gatewood trail.

My family moved around during my childhood. It was never a drastic move or too far away—just different houses and a change of scenery. It is hard to identify one home as “the place I grew up”. Most of my friends have only lived in one house their entire life. I sat thinking about this one day and wondered if I had a place in my life that had always been a constant—that one undeniable location that defined me and made me proud to say I grew up there. My choices were limited.

It finally came to me. The sandstone cliffs were my walls. The tree canopy was my roof and the trails and pathways were my rooms and hallways. Why did my home have to be a physical house with a street address? Why would I limit myself to just one small structure when I could have several thousand acres? I found my home and it’s always been there and will remain there centuries after I am gone.

The Hocking Hills is the place that I’ve always returned to and will always need to come back to. It is the place where I grew up and is the place that I call home.

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August 29
Alex Snyder
Steven Alexander Snyder