The Hope Diet

7 Keys To Unlocking Healing In The Last Days

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Publisher Description

Food sensitivities and the well-known question “What should I eat?” are two of the biggest issues facing the modern man today. We are so overwhelmed with diet choices that we feel frozen and become scared of making the wrong decision. After studying, praying, and learning the hard way how to diminish food sensitivities and find freedom eating the top allergen foods, Katie Carollo has found a way to enjoy what the world has told us to avoid, such as gluten and dairy.

In The Hope Diet, Katie shares the good news of healing and essential hope keys with readers so they can become free from food limitations and strong in body, mind, and soul. For over twenty years, Katie has studied nutrition and health and earned three higher education degrees in the process. After trying almost every diet healing path, Katie concluded that God wants us to enjoy our healthy food and not be limited. The healthy food from God tastes better than anything you can imagine because it is what our bodies are made to receive. This book is not only about the healthy food from God, but also the needs of our soul and spirit.

Katie Carollo wrote this book to give hope to others on their healing journey as they make the right decisions for their health in these Last Days. When we are able to break away from the confines of the Enemy, we are challenged and encouraged to become stronger and healthier in mind, body, and spirit. It is then that we can enjoy life more abundantly.

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October 4
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