The Hope Romance Collection

Splinter of Hope & Holding Onto Hope

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Kimber and Trig’s swoon-worthy romances bundled into one highly addictive collection of love stories…

A birthday gift leads to a life-changing confession, and infertility tests the strength of a marriage. 

—Splinter of Hope—

What does anyone know about love at eighteen?

All I was sure of was how much I loved my daughter… and giving her away destroyed me.

Because back then the only labels I wore proved I was unwanted.

Since we met, Trig has stood by my side. A protector. A lover.

A splinter of hope that my arms won’t always be empty.

He says he loves me, and I finally have the desire to lay my secrets bare.

Except giving Trig another reason to walk away feels a lot like sacrificing our future… And I’ve already made one decision that shattered my heart.

—Holding Onto Hope—

Sometimes you can’t give the people you love everything they want no matter how hard you try. Other times, people need more of you than you’re capable of giving. I’m at a crossroads between my wants and their needs. 

Kimber and I haven’t been able to grow our family and the clock is winding down. My friendship with Jake is becoming a nightmare. Convinced everyone has it better than he does, my partner can’t see the damage he’s inflicting on himself and those around us.

Forced to choose, I’m holding onto hope that it’s never too late.

Jody Kaye, the creator of the Kingsbrier Quintuplets, presents the Shattered Hearts of Carolina Series Hope Collection, two steamy southern romance short stories set in the heart of North Carolina. This emotionally-charged romance pairing features the thought-provoking journey of a strong heroine and the wounded warrior who loves her.

The Shattered Hearts of Carolina Series Best Binge-read Experience:

Book 1: Splinter of Hope

Book 2: Shred of Decency

Book 3: Sliver of Truth

Book 4: Holding onto Hope

Book 5: Home Wrecker

Book 6: Deep Gap

Book 7: Bleeding Heart


With strength and determination to overcome the odds, be prepared for a ton of angst and a whole lot of steam as the Mill Girls’ love stories tear at your heartstrings and their friendships to weave their way into your soul!

**These books contain sensitive scenarios that may trigger readers.

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November 15
Jody Kaye
Jody Kaye

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