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Island house off coast of Maine, with private beach, sea views and the occasional farmyard animal, seeks super swanky Central London penthouse overlooking Holland Park, complete with concierge service and spurned ex-lovers…

When thirty-somethings Cassie and James find each other on a home swap website, it feels meant to be. City hotshot James needs a bolthole after a relationship goes sour and Cassie needs to leave the comfort of her little island to research her new book. 

Soon, James is living in Cassie’s cute but ramshackle beachside cottage, and Cassie’s living in James’s luxurious London apartment. It’s the perfect solution.

Except James didn’t imagine he’d be sharing his home with eleven chickens and three alpacas, not to mention the unusually friendly neighbours, who seem to find any excuse to drop by.  And Cassie is less than impressed when James’s ex-girlfriend turns up at his door, demanding to know where he’s gone. 

The more Cassie and James talk, the more the tension between them mounts. But as the insults fly so do the sparks, and when the time finally comes to swap back, Cassie and James find they aren’t quite ready to give each other up.

But there’s more than just distance between them – and when Cassie makes a surprising discovery, the pair are forced to confront their feelings and decide what kind of life they really want.

An utterly heart-warming love story that will make you laugh and cry, fans of The Flatshare, The Hating Game and movies like The Holiday will fall head over heels for The House Swap.

The House Swap.

What readers are saying about The House Swap:

‘I really loved this book. It's funny, endearing, sweet, and just makes you feel good. It's the kind of book you can read and smile… isn't that what we all need right now? Something comforting and fun. I can't wait to read more by Jo Lovett!’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

I loved this book. I read it all in one sitting, I could not put it down… The characters are so relatable and lovable. I felt everything they were feeling… The writing was so amazing you really do feel everything. Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘This was a super cute book!… incredibly fun… kept me hooked the entire time!Brinns Books

I absolutely adored The House SwapA delightful, warm hug of a book. I loved it... Perfect comfort reading.’ NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars

Such an adorable readI loved every second… you can't help but smile while you read this book.’ NetGalley reviewer  

A fun Rom-com with heart. Fun and sexy… had me hanging on every word!’ Goodreads reviewer

‘An unexpected delight. I smiled my whole way through reading it.’ @EricasLittleLibrary

I absolutely loved this… A definite to add to your reading list.’ NetGalley reviewer

A light breezy read that is a welcome relief from the heavy atmosphere of reality.’ Book Reads by Prairie Girl

Just loved it!’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘The whole time I was reading this book, I was thinking “I wish I had an extra copy to give to my mum to read too”. It was just so cute!’ Goodreads reviewer

Hilarious! Goodreads reviewer

I absolutely loved this… A definite to add to your reading list.’ Goodreads reviewer

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April 19
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Customer Reviews

TiceyG ,

Fun & Charming Romance!

I loved this fun, charming & easy read. I instantly liked Cassie and James and enjoyed it even more that they annoyed each other! Enemies to lovers always makes for a fun read!

This story was told from dual viewpoints which really allowed the reader to get to know each character, their struggles, and their growth. I loved that they each had their own demon’s to slay and watching their story unfold both individually and together made the story even better.

Aside from James and Cassie’s story, I thoroughly enjoyed James’ transformation while in Maine. I found it hilarious that he became quite the animal farmer. I mean who wouldn’t love chickens and alpacas?! Plus, anytime he spent with Laura always brought a smile to my face. She brought a little extra spunk to the island. She was my favorite minor character as I'm a sucker for an elderly, quirky neighbor.

Overall, this is a very sweet story and I think fans of Beth O’Leary will want to snatch this up.

TW: Miscarriage, IVF, Alcoholism, & Drug Overdose

Bowhead45 ,

The House Swap

I loved this book! The characters were very interesting and I enjoyed getting to know them. This book was fun to read and had me in tears and laughter. Definitely a must read!

Lotrfan ,

Great romantic premise

I was immediately hooked by the premise of a house swap when I read the info on this book and I was rewarded with a lovely read that also included one of my favorite tropes—the .”strangers to lovers/enemies to lovers” dynamic!

I enjoyed this book so much. I found the characters engaging from the beginning and grew to care even more as I learned their backstories.

Cassie and James each need a change of venue: Cassie so she can work on her next book and James to escape the fallout of a disastrous relationship. They find each other’s listings online and do a house swap. Things start out pretty rocky but eventually they settle in to their new abodes and start to find out more about each other as well

I found the writing pleasant, the progression of the story made sense, the issues that held them back and caused conflict also made sense and were very believable. I think the plausibility of their back stories and who they have become as a result of those experiences rang true, but this book also gave both characters an arc of personal growth and explored their vulnerability in a realistic way.

I liked the lead characters. I wanted them to be together. Their chemistry worked. I was invested in them and their stories. The side characters on both sides of the Atlantic added to the narrative and made the experience richer.

I’d read more about these two. I’d read more of this author’s books.

TW for frank discussions of fertility issues, IVF, pregnancy loss, and addiction. I do think these issues were handled sensitively and were appropriate for the story line.

4.5 stars

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC.

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