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Delilah and Gavin’s new love is threatened by a force uncomfortably close to home in this haunting novel from New York Times bestselling duo Christina Lauren, authors of Beautiful Bastard.

His shirt is black, jeans are black, and shaggy black hair falls into his eyes. And when Gavin looks up at Delilah, the dark eyes shadowed with bluish circles seem to flicker to life.

He lives in that house, the one at the edge of town. Spooky and maybe haunted. Something worse than haunted. And Gavin is trapped by its secrets.

Delilah and Gavin can’t resist each other. But staying together will exact a price beyond their imagining.

Young Adult
October 6
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Grades 9 and Above

Customer Reviews

Mrs. BusyB ,

Romance with a twist

A romantic story with slight twist of horror. A very entertaining read.

Annmric8 ,

It's alive...alive.

The House was about Gavin and Delilah. Gavin lived in a house that was hidden behind a tall fence with surrounding trees to block its view from the street.

The story took place in the House and at school. Gavin and Delilah met six years ago, before her parents sent her away to a private school. At the age of seventeen, Delilah returned home to finish her last year of school where she also claimed Gavin.

Delilah's character was interested in horror and gore movies with bloody scenes. This seemed more of a ploy to help ease her into accepting the House. Otherwise, her fascination with scary movies and violence seemed irrelevant to the story.
Delilah was drawn to Gavin. Gavin was the boy who grew up in the House that nobody visited, but all thought was haunted.

I thought The House was going to be a scary read, but it was more about the boy who lived in a house where strange things happened. The House was eerie, but only when compared to the Monster House.
The House was a character which behaved liked a character in a children's book. Yet, Gavin the boy who resided inside the house read like any other romance book behaving with sexual hormones. The House was an entity like a metaphor of parents raising children.
The House was written in the third person with alternating Him and Her chapters. It was a rough boring beginning which took about five or six chapters before I found anything of interest. I believe my interest piqued at the point Delilah entered the House. From this point the story came alive.

Christina Lauren created an entire story based off the House as an entity itself. It was clever and intriguing. The many comparisons to the House acting as parents had my mind formulating all kinds of crazy ideas. This was not an easy story to figure out. I was caught off guard with the House, first thinking this was a haunted horror story when the reality was so uniquely different.
The House was not scary just eerie. It left much to speculate and question. Both characters shared different experiences towards House giving the illusion that either could be crazy. The House reminded me of The Shining. It ended in an anticlimactic way almost too easily.

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