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Is he a spy who could break her heart?

Michael Fraser was so handsome, it was positively criminal. His cold blue eyes made Elizabeth's heart skip at their very first meeting. No doubt about it, the gossip was right: this tough soldier was a traitor, a spy, a scurrilous French agent. Yet her hapless cousin had invited him to their home for the weekend.

What trouble might this untrustable man cause during the course of a three-day house party filled with distinguished guests? Soon Elizabeth hears that this stealthy spy has been querying the servants about her. Her brother is off on a secret mission against Bonaparte--that must be the reason for Michael's sly attentions.

If only his gaze weren't so irresistible, his voice so hypnotic, his kiss so treasonously sweet. She never imagined a French agent could be this dangerous.

Anne Stuart is currently celebrating forty-five years as a published novelist. She has won every major award in the romance field and appeared on the NYT Bestseller List, Publisher's Weekly, and USA Today. Anne Stuart currently lives in northern Vermont.

September 28
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KPMe1 ,

A delightful Regency romp

What a fun read! Every single character in this book is a perfect fit. It has some mystery in it but that really isn't the main focus of the book because it wasn't a shocker, what was the main focus were the colorful characters. They were funny, rich, full characters that brought the story to life. Anne Stuart brought each of the characters to the forefront in an exceedingly well played manner. We get to know the different characters, their traits and quirks and the interaction between them. We saw those interactions bring out the best and the worst in them all. From beginning to end it was a book that you just can't stop reading and you thoroughly enjoy.

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