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The zombies are here. An accidental outbreak of a mutated virus unleashes hundreds of the undead on the sleepy town of Flat Rock, Nevada. Now, Sheriff Penny Miller must use her wits, grit, and damn near all of her ammunition to endure the arrival of zombies. Sheriff Miller quickly finds herself leading a vicious biker named Scratch, her ex-husband Terrill Lee, and a unit of incompetent National Guardsmen to safety. At their heels is Colonel Sanchez, the wicked Army commander who is pursuing Miller to gain the special powers the virus has given her. With a gang of murderous bikers on their tail and surrounded by slobbering hordes, Sheriff Miller must do what she does best: Aim for the brain!

“THE HUNGRY is a zombie thriller loaded with sex and smarts. A real nail-biter that brings a new weapon to bear in apocalyptic fiction: Hope. Highly recommended.”

—Jonathan Maberry, NYT Times bestselling author of Dust & Decay and Dead of Night

“If you’re craving an apocalyptic horror novel that’s not just wall-to-wall action but balls-to-the-wall intense, Steven W. Booth and Harry Shannon have cooked up a real treat for you. I would say The Hungry will leave you totally satisfied, but that’s not true: Readers will be howling for more more more MORE just like the hordes of insatiable zombies rampaging through this book.”

—Steve Hockensmith, author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls

“You don't know what gut-churning page-flipping horror really is until you read this one. The Hungry combines the storytelling power of the big commercial thriller with many new twists on standard zombie fiction. A real winner.”

—Ed Gorman, author of The Dark Fantastic and Cage of Night

“From the opening line, I loved it. I loved how complete it felt. It had so many great elements working for it - the small town setting; the two powerful main characters, as different as they could be, nearly every word between them charged with sexual tension; the satisfying stalemate as neither one gets exactly what they want, but rather what they need. A great story, and for a zombie fan like me, it pressed all the right buttons.”

—From the Introduction by Joe McKinney, author of Dead City and Flesh Eaters

Fiction & Literature
September 30
Genius Book Publishing
Steven William Booth

Customer Reviews

triiton77 ,

Great read!

I could not put this down. It has all the right ingredients for the perfect zombie cake! Part gore, part adrenalin, part gunpowder, and a lot of character. Good job guys!

Can't wait to munch on the next one......


EstellePrimik ,

Best horror book ever

When you need a good book to kill some time, try another one, cause this is more than a good book. It will absorb you, like no other book ever had!!

Well written, best plot and the characters?? Will blow your head. Literally.... Aim for the brain!!

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