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From the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of the W. E. B. Griffin novels comes a rollicking story of love, war, and adventure.
As the author of the electrifying W. E. B. Griffin novels of the military, police, spies, and counterspies, William E. Butterworth III has been delighting readers for decades—but he has a special treat for them now.

At the tender age of sixteen, Philip W. Williams III is expelled from boarding school for committing a prank, and on the train home naturally wonders where his life will take him now. It never enters his mind that he will become a world-class marksman and a special agent of the U.S. Army Counterintelligence Corps in postwar Germany, play a key role in the defection of a Soviet officer and then court danger as a courier for the CIA, marry an Austrian ballet dancer of ferocious mien, become a renowned bestselling novelist, and meet the love of his life on a hunting trip to Scotland.

Yet all of this, and a great deal more, awaits him, in a raucous series of adventures across Europe and the United States that will have readers laughing, cheering, and propulsively turning the pages to discover what happens next.

It is a novel that only Bill Butterworth could write—and that his millions of fans will enjoy.

Fiction & Literature
December 29
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

clathey ,

The hunting trip

What a hoot--entertaining from "cover to cover".

Lpatn ,

The Hunting Trip

"Different" Unlike the multitude of W.E.B.G. books I have read, this one I was able to put down, turn out the light and go to sleep. A good thing for my health. I missed however, the compulsive page turning I exercised with his other books. Several of the familiar characteristics are present such as the excruciating detail about people, places, things and time/date. But I never became eager to find out "what happens next?"
I am, however, eagerly awaiting his next W.E.B.G. book!

Mountaineer61 ,

The Hunting Trip

A new WEB Griffin is usually chock-full of interesting characters, snappy dialogue and plausible storylines. It's the literary equivalent of a gourmet burger piled high with the freshest condiments. The Hunting Trip is a cold chunk of tofu slapped between pieces of white bread. Did an imposter hijack Griffin's typewriter?