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The winds of change are blowing everywhere.  Uncertainty is creating extreme anxiety. Whether it’s an act of nature or an act of terrorism or a lone shooting, it seems we are all on edge.  American traditions and institutions are being shaken to the core.

Perhaps that’s why the events in 2017 unfolded as they did.  Maybe God set fire to the rain (per Adele’s hit song), to grab our attention.

On August 28, 2017, Hurricane Harvey, a category 4 storm of biblical proportions paralyzed Houston and the surrounding Gulf Coast area. Mother nature had a temper tantrum of epic proportions and unleashed 51.888 inches of rain. Much like a theatrical narcissist, she unleashed her fury in the form of the highest rainfall recorded in U.S. history. It was enough to fill 85,000 plus astrodomes.

Unsung heroes saw the need and came to the aid of their countrymen. It was a rare time when politics was set aside. First responders and everyday Americans were comrades in arms united by a common cause. Harvey brought out the core values of America - Faith, resiliency and grit.

Just when the resources of the U.S. and the weary storm side patriots were tested to their limits, along came Irma. Again, Americans set aside their differences to do the right thing for the greater good.

It seemed that the rain would never end but blue skies finally emerged. But the coast was not clear for long. Soon Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico and the surrounding islands.

Once again, without hesitation or assessment of a person’s origin, religious affiliation or political party, - neighbor helped neighbor. It was crystal clear during these moments of extreme crisis that survival depended on a unified effort. This is the Hurricane Factor.

One could ask “ Where was God in the storms?” In fact, where is God in our personal storms in life?

The answer is “everywhere.” The question is not “How big is your storm?” but “How big is your God?”

October 12
Michele Mosbacher
Ingram DV LLC

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