The Hustler

A Hockey Romance

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Theodore Edward Sims was supposed to be my hot summer hook-up, a stranger I slept with in Hawaii. Now, he’s my stepbrother’s new hockey teammate. 

When we met, Theo was a sexy surfer in Maui, riding waves by day and rocking my world at night. After being played for a fool by my ex-fiancé, Theo proved to be a source of instant gratification.   

He was refreshingly honest, engaging, and incredibly charming. Theo built me up when it felt like my world was crumbling down.

Turns out, he’s just like my ex. A liar.

To avoid the gossip of my failed engagement, I hightail it to Boston, where I’m forced to cross paths with a new version of Theo, aka Eddie Sims, Boston Hawks right wing. Here, he isn’t the well-connected, alluring surfer but a determined, angry hockey hunk with something to prove. Especially to me. 

Except I’ve written him off. Once a liar, always a liar. 

But Theo isn’t backing down. Instead, he’s hustling for my forgiveness. If I give him another chance, will he live up to his apologies? Or am I just lying to myself? 

January 6
Three Cities Publishing LLC
Gina Azzi

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Review: 4.5/5 ⭐️
Steam: 2/5 🔥

#thehustler is the next book in #thebostonhawksseries by @gina_azzi

Eddie (Theo) has essentially been living a double life since he started the league. Wanting to keep his family name out of the spotlight, because let’s face it, he’s got a bad boy reputation. Now, after seeing how rock bottom he was, he wants to clean up his image, put his team first and start over to be the man he once was. Now he’s at his brothers wedding looking for exactly this, But the last think he expected was to be spontaneous with a girl he just met. Especially when his white lies come out.

Sofia had a rough time growing up. She had a childhood Illness, her dad was in jail and she might have been a little reckless. But she settled down and tried to grow up for the man she dropped everything for. Until the past came out and he dumped her. With her last night in Maui, she wanted to find herself again. What better way to do that than be spontaneous with the best man for the wedding she’s planned. But will secrets that come out halt her happily ever after?

I liked this book a lot more than I thought I would. Which is always a surprise. I’ve loved this series and especially when it’s so close to my hometown. I also loved that everything wasn’t rainbows and butterflies, which might sound crazy but sometimes you don’t want things to be perfect in what you read. There’s real life issues that this couple faced. As always, I always love seeing other characters come back into stories. 100% recommend it but be aware of the triggers.

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So good!

Eddie Sims( Theo Lawrence)
Needed a time out to reflect on his life and what direction he needed to go in.
While getting ready for his brothers wedding he spots Sophia….
Sophia wants to embrace her life to the fullest after her break up with her fiancé and when she meets Theo it’s exactly what she needs.
The story takes many twists and turns but it will definitely keep you glued to the next chapter and what comes next!
Gina makes second chance romance mean so much more in this story and it’s truly a joy to have all the gang come together in this emotional story.
5 live in the moment stars!

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