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Tired of the burden imposed by hypothyroidism? Want to rid yourself of the tiredness, weakness, and weight problems associated with the disease? 

If you’re one of the 15 million men and 30 million women who suffer from this chronic medical problem, know that you don’t have to struggle alone, and that there are several things you can do to maintain good control over your thyroid hormone levels. 

The book The Hypothyroid Immediate Action Plan by Elizabeth Hungerford will show you how to beat hypothyroidism through a treatment that involves diet and natural supplements. Every journey starts with a single step, so if you want to take the path to healing your thyroid problems, start by reading The Hypothyroid Immediate Action Plan. 

After reading Elizabeth Hungerford’s work, you will understand: 

The thyroid’s role in the endocrine system and the body’s general function

The importance of thyroid hormones to the body’s metabolism, heart beat and body temperature

How a gland as small as the thyroid can affect the entire body

The root cause of thyroid problems

What you can eat to keep hypothyroidism at bay

Complications linked to low thyroid hormone levels

How to manage your weight when hypothyroidism is prohibiting you from slimming down no matter how much you exercise or diet

What items to keep in your kitchen and pantry that support your thyroid’s health

Materials to read for further reading about your thyroid and keeping it in great condition

The natural treatment plan that will bring balance back to your thyroid hormone levels

Hypothyroidism can force your metabolic system’s gas pedal to slow down, and when the thyroid slows down, almost all your other organs will slow down as well. But the good news is it can speed up again with a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, and a practical guide. 

Help every cell of your body run as how it should. Fixing a malfunctioning thyroid is a gray area in medicine because many prescriptions only work to alleviate the symptoms, but The Hypothyroid Immediate Action Plan shows the crystal clear path to conquer thyroid disease, follow the book’s guidelines now.

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January 21
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Customer Reviews

Kls2bfree ,

Great info just need more of it and better organization

Dear Elizabeth,
You asked for a rating to improve version for next time, so I am writing in that vain. First let me say thank you for your info and research. I found out I have Hashimoto's just two days ago. Never heard of it, and yours is the first book I read about it. From that standpoint, what I like is that you explained body functions, chemical reactions and the medical condition in a way that I can understand. I love the way you detail out the explanation of types of treatments and the natural vs. synthetic hormone replacement. It is highly informational. The reason I give the book 3 stars, and where I feel you can really improve is when you begin discussing diet and foods. So from someone new to this please have mercy!!! I read and screamed and read and screamed!! No not my "x". Can't take that away! Fill in the blank "eggs, dairy, etc." So hear my pain: 1) if you're going to put a food on the "bad" list, explain why! I won't stop eating it unless it makes sense to me. The carbs I understand they turn to sugar. AND you did explain well about how certain veggies such as Brussel sprouts and broccoli have a chemical that can block thyroid hormone. But you put eggs and dairy on the bad list and so forth with no explanation; it made me reel! Then later those same items were on the "good vitamin" list and some even on the "shopping list" I'm confused. Also since my doctor did recommend a gluten free diet, I know that a majority of carbs that are gluten free include rice and corn; which you have on the "bad list" sooooo what I REALLY need to know is what does a meal plan look like? All those listed foods are not traditionally on my shopping or recipe lists so lead the way. Either provide great resources of authors who have already done the work and make great reads, such as the author you mentioned "Eat right or die young" (I will take your advice and read)that OR give us a day in your life meal plan through a week or month. How do you eat out with this? How do you serve a family? Make 2 separate meal plans? Anyway thanks!

Hodgeexombie ,

The Hypothyroid Immediate Action Plan

Good information. However, the author contradicts herself when she talks about what are good foods and bad foods. She states to avoid all canned foods because of the chemicals, and to avoid tuna because of the high amounts of mercury then adds canned tuna to grocery list!

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