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The II AM Trilogy is an urban fantasy series featuring vampires both good and evil, none of whom sparkle. Dark, violent, and sensual, but buoyed by themes of hope, perseverance, and survival, the books have captured the imaginations of tens of thousands of readers around the world. Now, for your convenience, they're available together in a single eBook.

This collection includes The Blood That Bonds (2009), Blood Hunt (2011), and The Children of the Sun (2012) and tells the complete tale of Two Majors, a brash and impulsive young woman trapped in the grip of addiction who finds herself drawn into a world she never knew existed and must struggle to survive the many dangers she faces. From darkly scheming ancients, to ruthless upstarts, to violent cults of vampire hunters, Two must face enemy after enemy if she is to reach at last the peace and comfort she has sought all her life.

Highly rated and reviewed across the internet, The II AM Trilogy has drawn in fans with its highly compelling cast, and its signature blend of action, romance, suspense, and humor. Fans of vampire novels like Twilight and the True Blood series who are looking for an interesting and adult spin on the genre will not be disappointed.

This collection also includes, contained within The Children of the Sun, the novella "Amun Sa and the Girl from the Desert"

Praise for The Blood That Bonds

"... I really and thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters, especially the [main character], Two, were vibrant and interesting. Christopher’s writing style is active and engaging. I even fell in love with the male lead (yummy and dark — my kinda guy) and other prominent characters in the 'family'." - R.

Praise for Blood Hunt

"This book was awesome. Totally epic. It was beautifully written, and carefully crafted to demand the reader's whole attention. I got lost in the words, and the emotions the story inspired. It was a roller coaster for me." - K.

Praise for The Children of the Sun

"The Children of the Sun was absolutely amazing! It's was a brilliant end to a brilliant trilogy and I'm really sad it's over." - L.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 16
Christopher Buecheler
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Prettyrikkix3 ,


These books have a very cool look on vampires that I had never seen before. Yes, there are the Vampire politics that we've all seen in some way or another, but this truly draws you in with the explanation of blood lines and the complications of even making a new vampire. It's not as easy as you think! Give this series a chance. I could not out the last boom down- finished it in less than 24 hours! :)

Millzjamie ,

Not bad

I enjoyed it. Wasn't the best wasn't the worst. I got a deal on all three books, so I'm satisfied.

Rsjmn3 ,

Very good

Read these books individually. Could not wait for the third book. Highly recommend

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