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"Bobby Clampett is one of the most knowledgeable golfing minds in the game."—Tom Lehman, 1996 British Open Champion, 2006 U.S. Ryder Cup team captain

Impact has long been called golf's "moment of truth," and great golfers have spent countless hours working on their swings trying to upgrade their impact dynamics as the golf club approaches, contacts, then swings through the ball. For the first time, with The Impact Zone, golfers will have a book that focuses their attention on the very same region of the swing on which professional golfers have always concentrated.
The Impact Zone is a unique instructional guide in that everything in it either focuses on or applies to improving a golfer's understanding and execution of impact. Here, acclaimed professional golfer Bobby Clampett concludes that the overwhelming bias and convention of today's contemporary teaching environment is to value swing styles over swing dynamics, and in so doing, the overwhelming majority of golf teachers miss the boat in terms of teaching the game effectively. Ultimately this emphasis on swing style comes at the expense of helping golfers to develop sound swing dynamics, which are the real keys to consistent ball striking and better golf.
With the help of CBS's Swing Vision high-speed camera—using images from many of the game's greatest contemporary players (including Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, John Daly, Vijay Singh, Sergio Garcia, and more)—The Impact Zone takes an unprecedented look at the most important six inches in golf, those that immediately precede, contain, and follow impact. To further demonstrate these principles, Clampett presents photos and drills that convey the five essential dynamics golfers need to produce and reproduce solid impact
Throughout these instructional pages, Bobby Clampett—teamed with veteran golf writer Andy Brumer—relays his own personal story of straying from swing dynamics and how he found his way back. He recalls memorable stories from the Tour, blending innovative instruction with his colorful, engaging anecdotes.
Clampett and Brumer create an essential instructional guide with clear, concise advice—on creating great swing dynamics through the impact zone—the universally acknowledged key to more consistent and better golf.

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April 3
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Customer Reviews

Fowler28 ,


Every golfer who is searching for a true path to get better should read this book over and over!

The Cle ,

Wish this was a more structured read with better pics

Although the chapters had a structure set to them, this book could have used some serious editing and subsections. In reading what was promoted as the biggest innovation from the book about swing bottoms, after a promise of photography that supported the author's conclusion, the prose barely highlight that point and had few photos in support. Also, no colored, and all low-resolution pictures were a disappointment for an ebook.

Katrina Villareal ,

The Impact Zone

Finally, I found a book that will help my game. I tried Mr. Clampett's technique and it works for me. My current golf index is 15.6. I played two rounds of golf using the swing dynamics as described on the book and I shot 77 and 73.

I recommended the book to my playing partners and they will purchase the book.

Thank you Bobby Clampett and Andy Brumer for writing "The Impact Zone".

Burbank, Cal