The Incredible Mr Sweets

The coming-of-age story of an ex-con who finds his calling in life through music

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Publisher Description

What goes through the mind of a hardened criminal when he is released from prison after thirty-four years?

A mix of emotions ranging from happiness and excitement of being free to confusion and maybe even fear of unwelcome society's wrath and people not accepting him. He might also feel lost because the world would've changed so much by the time he comes out of prison. This could all happen to anyone but not John Sweets Russo. He's a tough nut to crack, and thirty-four years in prison couldn't break his spirit. Though he came out of the prison burdened with guilt, he was ready to face the world head-on. He will not let his guilt bend him down and let the world break his spirit. He is not asking for a second chance from anyone. He is making a come-back.

John Sweets Russo was once the left-hand man of William Vallery, the head of the notorious Vallery gang of Toronto and now aspires to be a singer. He is looking for a chance to make the most of his life that is left, considering he is seventy-five now. As he got out of prison and joined a world he didn't recognize anymore, all he wanted to do was to sing.

‘The Incredible Mr Sweets’ is the coming-of-age story that chronicles an ex-con’s journey to becoming a singing star. ‘The Incredible Mr Sweets’ also highlights the identity crisis faced by immigrant’s children born in Canada.

Life’s all about making the best of what you have before you aspire for something else.

Did you make the most out of what you had?

Are you making the most out of what you have?

Very few people get a second chance in life like Jasmeet John Sweets Russo. Even after making some horrible decisions in life, he gets a second chance. Not many are as lucky as he is. Make the most of what you have.

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July 4
Jasveer Dangi
Jasveer Dangi