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It's going to change your life. It's going to change the world - because you're going to change the world!

Throughout The Infinity Loop for Women, Krista Vorse illustrates the principles of a new and healthy model for engaging and participating in all our relationships, by sharing her own transformational journey; she transmutes a history of abuse to become her most powerful, loving, and compassionate self.

Through the marriage between her work in Organizational Development and spiritual growth, The Infinity Loop was created. This magical loop is based on connection, awareness, and inquiry. We do this unapologetically, with humility, maturity, and childlike wonder. Grounded in our body, we're able to honor our instincts by listening to our gut and acting from our heart. But this doesn't mean we can't have our point of view challenged; it doesn't mean our assumptions can't be questioned so we can see where we have bypassed sound decision-making. If our thinking or sensing is sound, it can stand the test of connection, awareness, and inquiry. We learn how to love well while practicing elegant and intelligent self-care. The Infinity Loop is about our inner-work to be our best selves and to lead through our influence - which can take us beyond the traditional role limitations of the conventional corporate structure, and expands to all facets of groups and relationships. We transmute our pain into our superpowers by learning how to dissolve into love.

Once we thought we were victims of the patriarchal system; now we realize we're Wonder Woman. Once we believed we were stuck; now we realize infinite possibilities await us in The Infinity Loop. We and our worlds are never the same. This self-help and personal growth for women book takes you into your heart, your body, and your mind. Your Infinite Self shows up with a power to change our world. Part confession, part teaching, part mystical musings, Krista weaves her wisdom and skill in developing others throughout The Infinity Loop.

Through story, teaching, and reflection, some of what you'll experience in The Infinity Loop…
Spiritual development, recovery from abuse, interpersonal communication skills, leadership development, personal transformation, female empowerment and feminism, journal questions, mindfulness, how to live your most courageous life, Dialogue, new patterns of relating, tools for connection, awareness, and inquiry, work with anger, egos, & pain, inner-work for healing and transformation, Contemplative heart and mind.

March 11
Krista Vorse
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