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The Old Faithful Inn, grande dame of the great national park hotels, is brought to life in words, historic photos, maps, and even some video shot in 1889. This book tells the story of the Inn’s design and construction, including tales of the crude lodgings that preceded its completion in 1904. The book offers a sense of how it was to visit Yellowstone in the days of stagecoaches, and leads readers on a walking tour of this graceful, historically significant building.

Travel & Adventure
June 15
Freewheeling Travel Guides
Jeremy Schmidt

Customer Reviews

Luanne R ,

almost as good as being there

I love the Inn, and I love this book. It's filled with good information on the history of the Inn and how it was built. The old pictures and postcards re-create how it was to tour Yellowstone when the Inn was new. I've never seen the original architectural drawings in any other book. Why did they price this so low, it deserves more!

bookranger ,

The Inn at Old Faithful

I have known author Jeremy Schmidt for many years and have the highest admiration for his work, from his award-winning natural-history and travel books to his many articles in Equinox, National Geographic, and other magazines. I even have the first edition of this book, published by Schmidt and co-author Scofield many years ago. This new, thoroughly updated and profusely illustrated edition is an excellent overview of the lively history of one of the most extraordinary buildings in the national park system. The book also captures the spirit of the Old Faithful Inn and gives you an insider's view of why so many people love this grand old hotel and the unique experience it provides. "The Inn at Old Faithful" will enrich your memories if you've already been there, and it will enrich your anticipation if you plan to visit some day.

ergonaught ,

The Inn at Old Faithful

My family stayed in this giant log hotel years ago and loved it. They say it's the biggest log structure in the world. It's got to be about the most interesting. You can wander for hours just checking out the quirky architecture. It's wonderful to see this cool old building in the iPad format. It really does come alive. Amazing to see how many historic photos exist, and the short video shot by Thomas Edison is a hoot (it was shot in 1889, before the inn was built, but it shows the spirit of Yellowstone tourism back them. Highly recommended.