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What is an “Insomnia App” and how is it different than a traditional booklet?

We call this an “app” because it will put you to sleep as you read it. Asleep!

After all, isn’t that why people purchase books about insomnia? Because they want to fall asleep!

If you have a headache, do you need a book on headaches or a $3.99 bottle of aspirin?

And that $3.99 bottle of aspirin will run out, won’t it? But The Insomnia App will always be there when you need it. So, buy it now.

Hundreds of thousands of people have used these tools to get to sleep. You can, too!

If you want an education in the various stages of sleep, the percent of folks who have insomnia at any one time or the psychobiology of sleep, then this app is not for you.

Instead, The Insomnia App will give you the relief you’re seeking. It dispenses with the personal stories, the symptoms and the history of insomnia that most insomnia books provide.

Instead it distills everything down to about 20 pages of effective solutions that you put to immediate use as you read these pages. That’s why it’s an “app” and not a traditional booklet. You will fall asleep as you read The Insomnia App.

Use The Insomnia App for stubborn sleep problems. Use it to help you get that fifteen-minute, thirty-minute power nap during the day. Use it to get to sleep when you find yourself upset about something.

You’ll find The Insomnia App particularly useful on air flights, long car trips (as long as you’re a passenger and not the driver!) and in any of those situations that typically make it difficult for you to fall asleep.

The Insomnia App combines effective, proven relaxation techniques to aid you in drifting off to a deep and restful sleep as you use this app.

It will take you ten to twenty minutes the first time you use The Insomnia App. The more you use this app, the quicker and quicker your sleep will come.

The Insomnia App is different than all the other sleep books you’ve read. You won’t have to wade through the “tips” that you already know. This app takes you right to the heart of what you’re seeking, a good sleep!

There is nothing to study, nothing to remember, no behavior to change during the day, no routine to alter at night. You know all the tips, don’t you: no naps, no TV in the bedroom, no this and no that. Use the bed only for sleep. Drink a glass of warm milk. Take some melatonin.

The Insomnia App does not waste your time giving you advice you already know well enough to give to your friends and family when they complain about sleeplessness.

You simply read The Insomnia App to fall asleep when and where you want.

You don’t want to become a sleep expert. You want to get to sleep and sleep as long as you need. This app will not make you a sleep expert, but it will make you an expert at falling asleep.

Because as you read The Insomnia App you will fall asleep and enjoy a deep, restful sleep.

So download The Insomnia App now and start getting rid of your insomnia today. You have nothing to lose and many wonderful nights of full sleep to gain.

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November 17
Patrick Dunne
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