The Internet Peering Playbook The Internet Peering Playbook

The Internet Peering Playbook

Connecting to the Core of the Internet

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One can understand the protocols, the technologies, and the routing algorithms, but that doesn't tell the story. The Internet is a global ecosystem of cooperating and competing networks strategically interconnected to maximize performance and minimize costs. 

If you are operating a growing Internet service, it is essential to understand how the Internet Peering Ecosystem works at the core. 

You will learn how the largest content and Internet service companies: 

Determine when and how to connect to the Core of the Internet 

*Select the right peers and Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) 

*Choose between public and private peering 

*Make a provable business case for peering 

*Apply the "Tricks-of-the-Trade" to obtain peering with the key players 

*Establish and grow critical mass at their IXP

This is the book you need to understand strategies and tactics for Internet Peering, Transit and Exchange Points, collected from some of the smartest peering coordinators and IXP operators in the world.

    October 12
    DrPeering Press
    William Bradford Norton

    Customer Reviews

    Mehrdad Khakparaghi ,

    A Peering Bible

    Bill Norton has accomplished an excellent job by authoring this book and sharing his in-depth knowledge of the Internet ecosystem and hard-to-achieve experience of the industry with us. It provides a high-resolution picture of the network each of us deal with in our daily life from a business and decision-making process point of view. So for people from our industry it is a bible to prepare the business case proposals and win their negotiations, but this is not were the Playbook stops. Academicians have already enjoyed the clear-cut depiction of the data markets presented by Bill here to develop their analytic models.

    Jav H. ,

    Excellent, complete reference manual

    From an introduction to the differences between transit and peering, to practical advice on how to navigate peering arrangements, this book is an excellent reference manual.

    RichardBennett ,

    Excellent reference for policy wonks

    I'm an engineer turned policy wonk who writes reports on Interenet policy several times a year. I frequently have to explain how the Internet works, especially with regard to peering and transit, and find Norton's work indispensible. It's a rare report in which I don't cite Dr. Peering, so it's great to have so many of his relevant topics in one place. There's really nothing else out there that does what this book does, and fortunately The Internet Peering Playbook does it well.

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