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--Winner "Cross Genre" Category 2018 American Fiction Awards-- 
[Audiobook narrated by Grammy-winning Stefan Rudnicki and award-winning Gabrielle De Cuir.]
Part wacky adventure, part political thriller, this unconventional story will keep you guessing.

"One of the most original and creative stories I have read in a very long time." --Goodreads reader with over 1,500 ratings!

James Wong built a billion-dollar software company with childhood friend Maria Cortez, but a shady investor stole their company. In a video game, James would defeat the villain with a power-up. Maria tells him there aren't power-ups in real life, but James finds the ultimate power-up watching TV in a bar: become president. Making important life decisions in a bar, what could go wrong?

Could a non-politician change their name to None of the Above and get elected president? When James and Maria land their own reality TV show, they try to answer that question. They must uncover secrets about their company and themselves, as the world falls apart around them. It will take every ounce of Maria's strength and every crazy idea James can muster to get their company back. Can they survive the chaos of reality TV, the corruption of Washington, and the dark forces aligned against them?

When I began writing the book in 2014, I was afraid that many of my ridiculous subplots, like a presidential candidate with his own reality TV show, were too hard to believe. Then Trump ran for president, and the book became more plausible by the day. When events similar to my book began to happen during the 2016 election cycle, it got so weird that I stopped reading the news. When I went back later to research the "Fact Versus Fiction" section after the ending, I found even more events similar to the book had happened.

What readers are saying:
"More funny moments than last 20 books I've read before this book."

"A thriller in every meaning of the word. If you enjoy action books at all, or if you just want some form of fictional closure on the baffling mess that was the 2016 election, I cannot recommend this book highly enough."
-- Official Review, Online Book Club (4 out of 4 stars rating)

"The story keeps you guessing and in the third act the intrigue and politics give way to a conclusion full of heart-pounding action."

"There's a surprise around every corner--be prepared to laugh, cry and for your heart to race."

"Thrilling pacing and breakthrough concepts leaves the reader seared in thought."

"Amazingly captures the new political landscape that is forming day-by-day. Fans of political thrillers, conspiracy theories, or those looking for a satirical escape from the dreary news that we see every day will certainly enjoy The Internet President: None of the Above."
-- Official Review, Thriller Magazine (5 out of 5 stars rating and a finalist for International Thriller Award)

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March 10
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