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This book about the iPad Pro was written in 2015 and much of it is now out of date.

It is not a handbook, but it is a buyer’s guide, and an introduction into what is great about this revolutionary iPad and its remarkable side-kick, the Apple Pencil. It is a personal view from somebody who cannot draw or paint and yet thinks the Pencil is one of the best things Apple ever created. It discusses how the iPad Pro is finally breaking into meeting rooms and lecture halls where laptops have been a mere embarrassment or distraction.

A whole chapter asks whether this iPad can finally replace your laptop. The hardware and software of the iPad Pro get a quick and personal, but carefully researched overview.

This is a light, and yet informative read for those who are thinking of buying an iPad Pro or who have just bought one.

Chapters are:

1. Preface

About the author, the book and a list of really clever people whose work has informed and inspired this book.

2. Buyer’s Guide

If you want to buy an iPad Pro, which configuration is the right one for you? Do you really need the Pencil? Is the Smart Keyboard any good and what about alternatives? What other accessories might you need? Which software is included and what might you want to add?

3. Replace Your Laptop

Can the iPad Pro finally replace your laptop? Should it? What is the best way to organise the switch?

4. iPad Pro in Detail

What are the software innovations that the iPad Pro makes use of? What is so great about its hardware and what is the practical every-day use of all that new technology?

5. Appendix

Legalese etc.

This is the first book in the according-to-Wolfgang series.

Computers & Internet
December 17
Wolfgang Mittelmaier
Wolfgang Mittelmaier

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