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Canham breathes new life into the tired pirate romance genre with this post-Elizabethan romp through the Caribbean. The pirate in this case is Juliet Dante, youngest child of a swashbuckling family of privateers. Xena the Warrior Princess has nothing on Juliet, who's as proficient with her biting wit as she is with a blade. But even Juliet finds herself at a loss when she's saddled with Varian St. Clare, 12th Duke of Harrow, after a battle with a fierce Spanish ship. At first glance, Varian seems to be a foppish peer, incapable of dressing himself without the help of his fussy manservant. But the handsome duke is really a master swordsman, former soldier and skilled seducer. Juliet carts Varian off to her father as a prisoner, but he soon proves himself to be a formidable ally and lover. Canham spins a terrific yarn, complete with vivid historical detail, humor and characters that will touch the mind and heart. Unlike many romance heroines, Juliet doesn't feel the need to prove herself to every man who crosses her path. She's a captain in her own right. Varian, in turn, is truly a thinking woman's hero rather than an alpha-male cliche. Readers who are tired of the traditional romance formulas, characters and conflicts will find this little treasure a welcome escape.
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Voted one of the top six Mass Market fiction books of the year.

June 17
Marsha Canham
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Customer Reviews

Chinibebe ,

New fav author

What a great find!!! Well written, strong heroine, funny, had to finish the same day. Hopefully the authors other books are just as good Looking forward to reading more from Marsha.

Shcomi ,

Absolutely incredible!!

I'm writing reviews for all the books in this series. Hands down, these three books are the best. Seriously, the best romance I've ever read. The characters and story stay with you after you're done. You want to BE there with them. So entertaining- the characters come alive, the story is gripping, and the romance is refreshing and not irritating. GREAT writing.

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