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Introducing the unforgettable Jack Absolute…

FREE PREVIEW! From acclaimed author C.C. Humphreys comes this thrilling excerpt from Jack Absolute, the first in "the finest series of historical novels since Patrick O’Brian" (Good Book Guide UK). This edition also features audio clips from the author.

It’s 1777 and London is starry-eyed over Captain Jack Absolute, the dashing, swashbuckling rogue in Richard Sheridan’s comedy The Rivals. This news comes as a shock to the real Jack Absolute when he arrives in England after four months at sea. But there’s little time for outrage before Jack finds himself dueling for his life. His only escape is one he most dreads: pressed into the King’s service as a British spy in the American Revolutionary War. From the streets of London, to the pivotal battle of Saratoga, to a hunt for a double agent in Philadelphia, Jack Absolute marks the exhilarating beginning of an epic historical trilogy and a character you won’t soon forget.

This free ebook short includes:

To the Reader

Chapter One: An Affair of Honor

Chapter Two: Theatre Royal

Chapter Three: The Duel

Chapter Four: Ghosts

Chapter Five: Reunion

"C.C. Humphreys takes you into a swashbuckling world you won’t want to leave."—Kate Mosse, author of Labyrinth

"An absolute delight! Swashbuckling, adventure, eighteenth-century wit, hugely entertaining plots and one of the most appealing military gentlemen ever to wear a sword."—Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander and Lord john Grey series

"Who can resist a novel that opens with a duel and introduces a hero who deciphers coded messages, spots Masonic signals a mile off, speaks fluent Iroquois, slips into a loincloth in a trice, wins a fair lady, and faces hanging with flair?"—The Boston Sunday Globe

"Suave, sexy, and superhuman, Jack could be an eighteenth-century prototype for James Bond. The author’s affectionate, theatrical tale sets up his dashing hero and faithful sidekick for a long series. Much derring-do, told with panache."—Kirkus

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September 10
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