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When Asha accepts a mission to recover a sacred stone capable of raising the dead, she doesn't expect her ship to be attacked high above an unknown world.

To their shock, Asha and her commander Mira are dragged into the planet's wild ocean, and Asha barely manages to escape a vast underwater complex. Once she reaches the surface, she discovers a mysterious island that comes to life with dancing villagers and roaring bonfires every night, only to vanish without a trace each morning, leaving her feeling alone and confused.

Meanwhile, Zahn has taken Oonak's ship on a mission to a subterranean labyrinth where Vayuna says he will be needed, learning more about the Vakragha than he ever could have imagined. Yet there are greater struggles ahead for both of them. Having followed Asha, the vicious Vakragha are desperate to find the stone first, bent on using it to revive their greatest mastermind. And when Asha finds Mira on the verge of death, the full burden of the mission falls on her shoulders. Time is running out, and Asha must rely on her courage, intuition, and healing skills to have any hope of survival. But she soon discovers that the Vakragha aren't the only ones searching desperately for the sacred stone....

A fast-paced, tropical Sci-Fi novel inspired by the Big Island of Hawaii, THE ISLAND ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER is a great place to start, or continue, in the Epic of Aravinda series.

What Readers are Saying:

"I really enjoyed this book and was impressed by its Miyazaki-level imaginative flair. The vivid way Crusoe painted the landscapes and inhabitants of the Island of Forever stuck with me... He interweaves just the right amount of spiritual levity and philosophy throughout, in a way that serves the plot rather than vice versa. I eagerly anticipate the next one." -- Tom Minderle, Author of Fringe Knowledge for Beginners

"In today's vast sea of self-publishing, discovering this much intelligence, original thought, and imagination is a rare treat...I'm already impatient for the third book!" -- Flavia Westermann, Reviewer

"The author's prose is smooth and rhythmic...with layers of meaning and complexity for those who care to look." -- Michael Coorlim, Author of the classic steampunk series Galvanic Century

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 25
Aravinda Publishing
Andrew Crusoe

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