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Learn How Isometric Exercises Can Help You Build Your Physique – Without Moving A Muscle

No matter what your age or current fitness level, isometric exercises can help you build the body of your dreams. This exercise system uses the principle of the isometric contraction in order to build your muscles quickly and efficiently. Traditional exercises such as weightlifting force you to perform boring repetitions in order to break your muscles down and stimulate growth. Done properly, the isometric contraction allows you to accomplish the same thing in 7 seconds. If you are a man isometrics can help you build greater muscle size and definition. If you are a lady isometrics can help you build that healthy, feminine “Fit N Sexy” look that so many women desire. If you are an older man or women isometrics can help you get back in shape while turning back the clock. The benefits of this exercise system include:

•They can be done anywhere with no special equipment (say goodbye to gym fees)
•They can be done at anytime (this makes them easy to fit into busy schedules)
•Takes less than ½ an hour to perform
•Gives you a full body workout
•Builds muscle as well as muscular definition
•Builds strength and muscle tone at the same time
•Are incredibly safe
•Are extremely effective

If you are interested in getting in the best shape of your life, order The Isometrics Bible today.

April 20
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JulieWein ,

Review of The Isometrics Exercise Bible

Review of The Isometrics Exercise Bible

The Isometrics Exercise Bible is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to build up muscle mass. It advises you on just the right way to go about performing Isometrics exercises correctly and safely. The author is adamant about people learning to breathe properly before beginning this type of exercise. This is because breathing incorrectly can cause you to pass out.

If you are looking for exercises you can fit into your daily routine, you will want to purchase this book. There are a series of exercises that are explained in step by step detail so you know exactly how to do them properly. Some of these exercises can even be done while you are at work, making it more likely you will fit an exercise session in even if you have an otherwise busy day ahead of you.

To drive home the point that our body is a well-oiled machine that needs to be used properly, the author begins the book by talking about how a friend of theirs treats his Porsche as he would treat his own child and compares it to how we should be taking care of our bodies. A comparison is also drawn between car maintenance and exercise, illustrating how important maintenance is to a car and how important exercise is to the human body.

After a brief explanation of what Isometric exercises are, the author dives right into the basic rules that apply to any type of Isometrics exercise. This teaches us that this type of exercise is really all about self-resistance. General tips are then given, advising us on the performing of Isometric exercises. The author goes through routines that exercise the abdomen, triceps, thighs, neck, back, arms, legs, chest and shoulders.

Each individual exercise routine is not only explained, but illustrated as well. This is a great way to make sure you are doing the exercise correctly because we all know that performing an exercise routine incorrectly can lead to injuries.

If you are trying to get in shape and fine tune your body, it is highly recommended that you purchase this book because it can easily help you add Isometric workouts to your daily regimen. By the time you are done reading this book you won’t be able to resist trying at least some of the exercises discussed and illustrated throughout the course of the book.

Lawkay2010 ,

Quick, Easy and Effective

As a woman who struggles daily to find an exercise routine that I want to stick to, I was happy to stumble upon this book. It is much easier to do some simple breathing exercises to isolate muscles and tighten than to physically involve my body and risk locking my knees up or popping my disks out of place in my back. I will have to keep this book on my phone for future reference!

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