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What if you could tap into your Innate and Adaptive Immune System and reverse all cancer, disease and chronic illness? What if you can reverse the aging process and potentially live longer than what is currently accepted in our society? This book will open your eyes on the potential possibility of defying all of your previous expectations on your health and mortality without any major financial investment. This book will help you explore your ability to simply tap into parts of your immune system you never knew existed. Are you ready to step out of the matrix?

August 24
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Customer Reviews

Amyh1929 ,

No don’t get the book

It has no real science based evidence at all, while claiming that it can do things science can’t do. The protocol can cause strokes and can lead to death, please under no circumstances try to use the protocol.

FinleyAnn ,

Cabbage death

This is unsafe, unproven, and irresponsible to promote such “protocol”. This woman has not been able to prove any of her asinine claims because her protocol is in fact unhealthy and deadly. She’s praying on the chronically ill, promising them a magical cure to their ailments using fermented cabbage and pink salt. But in return it can actually make someone who’s very sick, even worse. Several people have gotten very sick, even died from her advice. AVOID THIS WOMAN AND HER BOOK AT ALL COSTS!

Joan Mae Enterprises LLC ,

Ignore the Haters of this protocol. Those who negate it haven't even tried it.

Ignore the Haters of this protocol, those who negate this protocol have never even attempted to do their own due diligence in researching, and implementing this protocol. These Haters are so afraid of it because of their own cognitive dissonance. It goes against the lies we’ve been brainwashed and conditioned to believe perpetrated on us by mainstream ideology.