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What Damian Mohler created when he wrote "The Journey of the Little Angel Thot" is an imaginative and touching fable on the circle of life.
Fables have always been a wonderful way to teach, to touch, to transform; they awaken courage and provide us with love, they make us want to seek out adventures and new experiences, they can clarify and heal.
In Western society, there has always been a taboo on death and dying, and in many ways this is true to this day. Few people want to concern themselves with it, even fewer want to talk about it. It seems like we tend to be "deathly afraid" of death as a topic. Dogmatic teachings make us fear death and can actually amplify the despair and grief we feel when we lose someone dear to us.
As someone who grew up in a Western society, I myself had my first "light" encounter with death in 1993 whilst travelling to Bali. We participated in a Hindu ritual where the deceased were burned on a pyre. Hindus believe in reincarnation and in souls being reborn after having left their mortal bodies, returning to the people they loved. But this is possible only after the old vessel, i.e. the body, has been burnt.
The ceremony in Bali was a joyful one – the circle of birth, life and death had come to a close and could begin anew.
This succession of birth, life and death as an eternal cycle is the subject of Damian Mohler's fable. It does not, however, subscribe to any particular religion or dogma. Damian Mohler lets the reader experience this cycle through the eyes of the protagonist. The discoveries of the little angel Thot are meant to help the reader grasp and understand this cycle.
Pain and grief are natural reactions to the death of a loved one. But understanding this cycle might enable us to see a light and thereby find relief, maturity and insight.
And, like the little angel Thot, we too constantly describe the journey through life within this cycle, with all its ups and downs. On this journey obstacles, loss and pain can make us feel like we're breaking apart, like we can't go on, and make us want to give up. Here, Thot's experiences remind us that within the darkness of all these emotions, there is always hope.
Damian is adept at passing on this wisdom and knowledge, shaped by the work he has been doing for years as well as his own experiences. Perceptive, touching and compassionate, his story of the little angel Thot's journey of discovery helps us discover our own inner selves.

Kristie Reeves

Los Angeles, 18 August 2014

Fiction & Literature
December 5
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