The Karma of Mao: The Incompatibility of Socialism and Marxism with Buddhist Principles

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The Karma of Mao is a devastating critique of socialism and Marxism, through the eyes of a longtime Buddhist, whether the Glorious Progressive World of Next Tuesday is achieved through peaceful or violent means. Karl Marx and the Buddha set out to remedy the ills of the world, but each came up with very different solutions. On the surface, Marxism, and/or socialism seem to be equitable systems of government, but in the end, karma runs all over the Marxist dogma.

What Buddhist truth was exhibited clearly in the failed U.S. housing projects of the late 1960’s and 1970’s? What was the Buddha’s answer to remedying the world’s suffering verses that of Karl Marx? What was the magnificent obsession of the Buddha verses the undying obsession of Marxists? What precept of Karl Marx's own invention did he, himself, violate? These and numerous other questions are answered, including why it is that evil tyrants like Mao Zedong never seem to suffer immediate karmic consequences.

This well researched, thoughtful book is based on the teachings of Guatama Buddha and the writings of a Thirteenth Century Japanese Buddhist monk, Nichiren. Followers of Nichiren’s teaching include the founders of the Honda and Sony corporations.

The author has studied Nichiren Buddhism extensively, traveled to Japan, has maintained a devout daily Buddhist practice for over thirty-nine years.

Chapter titles: 1)History, Principles and Myths, 2) It’s Not Your Fault Verses Looking Within, 3) Dependency Delays Enlightenment, 4) The Fuels of Socialism - Hunger, Anger and Animality, 5) The Enlightened Individual Verses the Unenlightened Collective, 6) The True Bodhisattva Way Verses the Pretense of Charity by the State, 7) The Oneness of Person and Environment, 8) Respect for Natural Hierarchies Verses the False Pretense of Equality, 9) The Principle of Tenju Kyoju - Changing Heavy Karma into Light Karma, 10) The Sutra that Fulfills all Wishes Verses Sacrificing for the Collective, 11) The Undying Obsession of Socialists vs. The Magnificent Obsession of the Buddha, 12) The Three Proofs, 13) The Fallacy of the Marxist Precept Verses the Superiority of an Enlightened Belief, 14) A False Prophet and a Faulty Dogma, 15) Eddie Haskell and Devadatta, 16) Repaying Debts of Gratitude Verses a Sense of Entitlement and the Offense of Complicity, 17) The Goal of the Buddha Verses The Goal of Karl Marx, 18) Immeasurable Benefits and an Infinite Life Span, 19) The Karma of Mao

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July 11
Susanna Godoy Lohse
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