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New expanded second edition of Jim Sparks's account of 19 years of encounters with intelligent alien beings. In this new edition Sparks provides details of interactions since the first edition was published.
The Keepers provides one of the richest and most detailed documentations of all abduction history. His recall is altogether conscious, without the benefit of hypnosis, relaxation exercises, or any other use of non-ordinary states of consciousness for the exploration of buried memories. Nor are his memories contaminated by the popular literature, which he has steadfastly avoided reading. He has the passion, curiosity and self-doubt of an authentic, truthful voice. He has been told by the Visitors that they are concentrating their contact now upon ordinary people like Jim, because agreements with Earth's leaders regarding the timely release of information about their presence here have been violated. His first-hand reports of sperm extraction, breeding programs, shape-shifting and thought-activated transport are astonishing, as is his personal journey from anger at the invasion to gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of saving the Earth from self-destruction. This book is a keeper.

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March 24
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Customer Reviews

CharmieLady ,

Interesting reading!

Could not put it down once I started reading. Information in this book has made me want to further my research on this subject. I think everyone should read this book if you believe in this sort of thing or not. At least see what is said and keep an open mind. It made a lot of sense to me and given me a sense of hope for the human race thanks to some friends. You just have to read it and make up your own mind on the subject. If nothing else it’s very interesting reading. But I found it informative and educational. I find it hard to not believe it. I’d like to hear more stories on this if there is more to tell.

acts333 ,

God sends a strong delusion

Whenever alien abduction stories are told, most leave out the concept of God. Satan reveals himself as an angel of light. He, more than any other being race that may be out there is more than capable of deceiving the mind of man. He tempted Jesus three times taking Jesus to various places. Crowley opened a unholy dimension that is responsible for much of the UFO activity. The foul smells of a Grey are nothing more than Demonic beings sending a strong delusion. Yes, hundreds of people have had encounters that they can not explained. Aliens are not going to help us save this planet. God clearly declares that he will make a new Heaven and a new Earth. The elements of the universe will be burned up. Not once has God been exalted in any of these personal experiences. Alien beings are not our saviors and never will be. When people reject God it is easy to embrace something else. Until there is actual physical evidence of UFO technology seen by everyone, it will be very hard for anyone to believe. We can’t see God but we except him by faith. Alien beings are nothing more than an elusion at best regardless of people’s testimonies. Satan has had six thousands years to perfect his delusions.