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She’s a stranded pilot. He’s an alien castaway. Can their love save a galaxy torn apart by war? 

Sara Donovan knew her top-secret expedition would be dangerous. But she never imagined she’d end up separated from her crew and stranded on an alien planet. When the smoke from her crash landing clears, she’s surprised to find a marooned resistance fighter ready to lend a hand. In a war-torn galaxy, Sara refuses to give her trust lightly… especially when she risks exposing the strange abilities she’s kept hidden since childhood.  

Kiernan Fyn survives each day on the hope of exacting revenge on the warlord who murdered his wife. Sara is his ticket off the desolate rock to a new better future…until she’s targeted by hostile forces who thinks she holds the key to a long-lost civilization. In a fight for their lives, sparks fly as Sara and Fyn attempt to decipher their hidden connection with the powerful key before their ruthless enemies distort its power for galactic domination.  

The Key is the first novel in the phenomenal Project Enterprise sci-fi romance saga. If you like interstellar chemistry, fast-paced action, and sprawling space operas, then you’ll love Pauline Baird Jones’ award-winning epic. 

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February 4
Pauline Baird Jones
Pauline Baird Jones

Customer Reviews

claudiator2 ,

Ok Syfi love

Over achievers and ai good tension in story. Not much interesting sex if you are looking for that. Main character dances and sings in her spare military time which is kinda fun

vtHAD ,

A really Great read

I am pleasantly surprised, going through iBooks, even in genre, you can end up with nothing to show for it, but this came up and I sampled, really liked, then bought the whole book and loved it. Never heard of this author before, this is my first read of her, so I will be scouring to find all she has written and do myself a list to read.
Her characters are strong and fully developed, the story line is not known until just about when you read it, the dialog is snappy and smart (as are people) and while a “romance” it is not a sex tutorial that seems all the rage in todays world (very very nice). Oh, yeah, a big positive for me is the story does not progress on ‘stupid’ narrative, so you can really get into it and enjoy the ride.
This review might need to be updated, I read most, until I couldn’t keep my eyes open, went to bed, woke up 4 hours later and finished, so I am still groggy writing this.
excellent full story and you feel good when you are done reading it.

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