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To Freedom!

The battle for Shivenridge has been won, but the price was high. A new queen must lead her people out of the darkness, and into the light. Now is the time to heal old wounds and rebuild a kingdom. The race of the fairies has returned, bringing new hope to a battered world. The new queen has a task she must fulfill to complete her ascension. Will the dangers that lie in wait, be her demise? A traitor lurks in the shadows ready to strike. Their identity will be revealed.

Far to the east, a fortress is under siege. A stone of power is protected by a failing staff. An evil wizard seeks the ancient stone. Can his forces defeat the high priestess that guards the stone, or will her call for help be answered in time. Keya and her people race to reach the fortress. A haunting vision drives them on. Is Keya the fairy of prophecy? Her life depends upon the answer. A surprise lies in wait.

On Orrehaven island, a special agent searches for one of Foster's men. Henry struggles to keep Keya's secret safe. Will the agent learn the truth? An old enemy finds an ancient clue. Is this the key Foster needs to triumph. Lydia prepares a wedding, will it bring Keya and Julie closer, or push their bond beyond its limit? Orren learns the secret to breaking the curse of the sword. How far will he go to free the souls trapped within. Follow our heroine on the next of her continuing journeys, her quests.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 12
Glenn Skinner
Glenn Skinner

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