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"This is gritty realistic writing. It had just enough humour to leaven this dark story." ~YouWriteOn.com

In 1999, Detective “Arch” White - young, black and proud - walks into the Chicago Police Department as the victor in a discrimination lawsuit to earn his badge. His motivations for engaging in such courtroom tactics are hidden underneath the surface, personal and intense. The champion for his cause was Noah Bell, the man who would bring harmony to a racially segregated city, a saint working to make the world a better place for black, white and everyone in between.

But when Bell is found murdered, the victim of a vicious gang beating, Arch is handed his first case. He owes Bell justice and avengement, to prove that a great man was not killed by the very people he served. The rookie detective plunges forward, and in the process uncovers a hidden plot to which Bell served as a mere pawn.

His hunt for the truth will bring him into the orbit of others intent on changing the world for the new millennium. And these people like to kill in specific and spectacular ways.

Reviewed by Tracy A. Fischer for Readers' Favorite

In an excellent and epic work of fiction, The Killing Face: Blind Edition, the second installment of The Killing Arc series by author Kenneth Humphrey, readers will find themselves on the absolute edge of their seats, hearts in their throats, almost from the very start and through to the very end. Follow the story of Detective Arch Bell, a member of the Chicago Police Department, who entered the department after winning a contentious discrimination suit. His champion in the case, Noah Bell, a man dedicated to working towards the betterment of all in the city, black, white or any color in between, is found murdered, and Arch finds himself assigned with his very first case. Arch is determined to find the killers and on his quest he ends up finding much more. What, you might ask? You’ll have to read The Killing Face to find out.

I loved The Killing Face. Loved. It. How’s that for a review? Author Kenneth Humphrey has done an absolutely masterful job at creating an intriguing and suspenseful read that will keep his readers engrossed throughout. His ability to create characters that his readers will be able to connect with, relate to, and care about is second to none. The story line is exciting and the outcome is not easily predicted, even for a reader that reads voraciously in this genre. I highly recommend The Killing Face: Blind Edition to any reader who enjoys a thrilling read full of mystery, or just a person who loves a great work of fiction in general. I look forward to reading more from the highly talented author, Kenneth Humphrey, in the very near future, and I certainly hope that he is hard at work on the next book in this series even now!

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December 27
Kenneth B Humphrey
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Vigilant Reader ,

The Killing Face

The Killing Face 33
Author – Ken Humphrey
Mystery, Suspense, Crime Thriller
532 Pages
Rating 5 stars out of 5 Posted 5/8/16

Aramis Archibald White, Arch, is a detective with the Chicago police department.
Sheila Walters is a reporter with Chicago's Fox 32 news station and Arch's estranged girlfriend
Griffin Toms is Arch's partner who is ready to retire.

Detective Arch White is not a favorite son to the Chicago police force. He filed a racial discrimination lawsuit to gain admittance to the group for an ulterior reason.
When a prominent African American leader is murdered, Arch is next in line to be the lead detective on the case. Quickly, one killing grows to seven and pits Arch at odds with several of his superiors who want the case buried before the public can react with outrage.
Instead, Arch and his partner follow leads that encompass Chicago's entrenched power brokers and discover a larger plot of ethic cleansing.
The Killing Face is an enjoyable, fast paced read.

Editing is good with only a few noticeable errors. There is some mixing of past and present tense.
Character development is thorough.
Details are rather sparse, but definitely enough to clearly set the stage without being excessive or flowery.
The plot is complicated and intense.
The writing style encompasses some short, choppy sentences for effect.

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