The Kind The Kind

The Kind

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Publisher Description

The Kind. Book 1, The Recoverist Quartet

Who is the Lamplighter?

Friendless exile.

Champion of the Non Grata.

A mystery to herself.

It is 2472. The British Isles have been transformed by climate change into a desert archipelago. The wealthy and privileged have retreated to high-tech walled cities. Those beyond the walls are known as the Non-Grata. They live a precarious, hand-to-mouth existence, surviving on the “charity” of the cities. In return, these non-people must pay a Quota, a tax paid in human life. Specifically, they give the rich something their money cannot buy: children.

Isobel Twelvetrees has been put outside the walls of her city and left to die in the lethal heat for a crime she cannot remember committing. She was saved by someone or something, but when she wakes, the only companion she has is a dog with odd coloured eyes. When she learns the terrible truth about the plight of the Non Grata, she turns into a new kind of warrior. As she crosses continents with the threadbare armies of the Non Grata, in a deadly race against time to destroy the Quota and right historic wrongs, she starts to uncover the truth about herself and what she left behind.

281 pages

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 19
Jule Owen
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Cstict ,

It could be good

The author had a great idea when he started writing this but the execution left me wishing someone had proofread and edited before publishing.
There was a bit of repetition when the author was perhaps explaining why a character had behaved the way they did. It just droned on and on and I was thinking “Move on already. I got the point within the first two sentences.”
The writing skips around from one character or area of the story to the next without a new chapter, •••••••, etc and it takes a minute to figure out what is going on.
I could have loved this if it had been looked at by someone with the ability to help this author. I liked the idea of it but ended up forcing myself to finish reading it.
Once finished I realized there is a part 2 and this part of the story was not complete and didn’t give me any answers as to what was really going on. I was so frustrated and disappointed by this point that I didn’t even read the introduction to book 2. This is unlike me. I am an avid reader and typically read every word, including the author bio.
I did not find many grammatical errors and for that I’m thankful.
I would not recommend this book for anyone unless the changes are made to improve the story line.
I received this for free from somewhere. I’m signed up for several book services and I download free books from multiple sources.

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