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A convenient bride…

Royal heir Darias Leone needs a wife to claim his crown. He doesn’t want to get stuck with the kind of snooty princess his mother has in mind, so he makes a business arrangement with the pretty assistant at his New York art gallery. 

Emma Ricci thinks the idea is crazy, but the money Darias is offering will allow her to put her brother through drug rehab. Surely she can survive one year as a fake royal wife to save what’s left of her family?

After one year Emma and Darias can divorce and go their separate ways…unless something goes wrong with their plan. With a sizzling attraction, two unsolved murders, a mysterious secret society, and the constant forced proximity of a marriage under the eyes of the entire palace…almost anything could go wrong.


Darias watched her, dark eyes gleaming.

She wondered if he intended to say something for any potential eavesdroppers. “I love you,” perhaps. What else would real newlyweds whisper as they lay in bed together on their wedding night? 

Sometimes it was hard to remember this was all fake. There was something magical about being folded into the bosom of this big family, when she was still reeling from the loss of her mom. 

“You’re a very special woman.” His voice was low enough to be almost a conspiratorial whisper but probably loud enough to be picked up by recording equipment. Was he truly saying this to her, or was it for the benefit of snoopers?

“Thanks.” Did it really matter whether he meant it or not? He was paying her handsomely to be here, and she needed to do her job. 

It would get easier over time, wouldn’t it?

The Royal House of Leone series:
The King’s Bought Bride (Darias and Emma)

A Prince for Christmas – FREE short - (Sandro and Serena)

The Prince’s Secret Baby (Sandro and Serena)

The Princess’s Scandalous Affair (Beatriz and Lorenzo)

The Princess and the Player (Lina and Amadou)

Taming the Royal Beast (Rigo and Bella)

Bargain priced BOXED SET of all six books

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November 21

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