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Just because a girl has the pre-wedding jitters doesn't mean she's paranoid.

Practicing her new talent of situational awareness, Anabel Axelrod is sensing danger around her at every corner. With Luke's new business enterprise and planning their wedding extravaganza keeping him gone day and night, running Bel's Books is the only thing keeping Anabel from going crazy as she deals with threats to her future happiness, if not her very life, coming at her from all directions.

Her building is being turned into a veritable prison fortress for her own supposed safety, a brutal stalker cop has gone missing, a murderous vampire is running free around town, a poker game with a mob boss has been scheduled with stakes much higher than winning a few pile of chips, and the peril of getting permanently kicked off her own monthly card club roster is hanging over Anabel's blonde head. If that wasn't nerve-wracking enough, several bridal showers loom on the immediate horizon, and her wedding date to Luke on Valentine's Day is approaching faster than a speeding bullet--all while the nano-sized spot in Anabel's brain that's been holding back its complete trust in all things Luke Drake is growing into a big, fat, malignant spidey sense of doubt!

Will Anabel keep her promise to show up at her wedding to prettily pucker up for the seductively, endlessly mysterious Luke Drake and receive "The Kiss" most women dream of getting their entire single life? Or will she hop the next train to get the hell out of town to escape the madness of being in love while she's still sane enough, and alive enough, to make a getaway?

Sinfully sexy and arrestingly captivating,get your copy today of The Kiss of Kismet, Volume VII in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod ongoing series!

March 6
Tracy Ellen
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

WaterWoodland ,

Glad I found this series

Intelligent writing, well developed characters and a series that is still fresh. This series is still fresh and fun, breathing life into the world created. Too often a series becomes flat and perfunctory, thank goodness this is still so FUN! I'd be bummed if Annabel and her cast of characters lost their zing.

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