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Mankind is stricken. Brought to its knees by a devastating virus, the world is further crushed by the Dominion tyranny. Humanity struggles to survive this apocalyptic nightmare, and there’s only one hope – the ancient promise of an annihilated people.

“By the Bearers brought into time, fulfillment shall come in a Mark, and hope in four children born. Evil will flee Earth before the four Marked.”
– The Mark Prophecy of the Kota

Troy Kandoya remembers the world before all this came to pass. He saw the beginning of global war, genetic manipulation, and viral plague. Now called Trok, the immortal Kota Interceder, he must fulfill the prophecies he once rejected.

After 500 years, the four Marked saviors are born. However, nothing about these heroes is what Trok expected. Loree is a master assassin who can disappear without a trace. Zaak grew up exiled on an alien planet. Alex is a telepath traumatized by an inexplicable, missing year of her life. Ryu, the final Warrior, has incredible mutate-genes of strength.

With Trok’s guidance, the Warriors join Earth's rebels and fight the Dominion – but this isn’t going to be easy. Rebel politics are complicated, particularly for Loree. Zaak finds it difficult to navigate his home world. New questions arise for Alex as she helps civilians recover from a shared trauma. Ryu can't hide from his famous past. And always, the Dominion threatens with its unstoppable weapon – the dehumanizing DRK virus.

For centuries, no one's been able to end Earth’s nightmare. Can four Warriors really make a difference?

The Kota is Book 1 in The Kota Series, an epic, 4-novel Science Fantasy series featuring superheroes, alien planet colonization, time travel, a dystopia or two, and the supernatural battle between Light and Dark.

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Fiction & Literature
December 27
Sunshine Somerville
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Half an Ironman ,

Whole lot'a asweome.

Not usually a big fan of dystopian SciFy,but this was recommended by a friend so I gave it a read. Loved it. The author spends the time to really develop the characters. By the end you can't help but root for the main charecters, even though they have a few flaws. If you like this book, make sure to check out the rest of the novels, I just finished book 3. Safe to say I'm a fan of the series. Give it a read, you won't be sorry.

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