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What happens in an alien sex club stays in an alien sex club, right?

Well... not if you pen an exposé on the place. And certainly not if you omit the fact that the experiences in the article are your own.

Or if the Krinar you’ve hooked up with is the club's owner, whose many kinks involve blackmail and mind games.

For a young journalist out to prove herself, it's all about landing the next big story. 

Until it becomes all about landing in a possessive alien's penthouse bed.

Note: This full-length novel combines two previously published works—The X-Club, a short story by Anna Zaires, and Vair, the sequel written by Hettie Ivers. It also contains an all-new, expanded ending and an epilogue featuring Mia & Korum.

November 13
Mozaika Publications
Mozaika LLC

Customer Reviews

starstacy ,

This expose was hot, hot, hot!

I love some sci-fi with my romance, so this is my cup of tea! You do not need to read Anna Zaires’ Krinar Chronicles Trilogy (or any other Krinar books for that matter), but it is so good that you should & it would help you understand the Krinar world. I was pulled in right away with this book, & I did not want to put it down. Vair & Amy were hot together! We know why Amy couldn’t accept their relationship or her feelings at first, but some of her inner monologues began to annoy me. I wish we could have gotten to know Vair better, but I do love an alpha, possessive alien! Those 2 reasons are why I gave this 4 stars. If you like a quick, hot, sci-fi read like I do, then read this book!

Justforfun1088 ,

My Dream Team of Authors Got Together and Wrote a Lovechild of a Book.

This book combines two favorites of mine. The X-Club, By Anna Zaires and Vair: Beyond the X-Club by Hettie Ivers.
This is a perfect combination because where Anna leaves you wanting more, Hettie picks up and delivers the goods with what we need, closure.

If you love strong, hot as *insert inappropriate word here* Alphas, then you'll love anything that Hettie writes, but furthermore you'll appreciate the gift that is Vair. A delicious gift that Anna painstakingly hand-wraps and delivers, while Hettie rips into the wrapping with such enthusiasm present in her writing, it's indecent.

DO NOT begin reading unless you're prepared to change your panties regularly, have your significant other on hand, and/or favorite toy of choice close by. Neither of these authors just write sex scenes, they pulls you into the experience, leaving you wondering if you're having an orgasm of your own as you're reading, which, if you took my advice a sentence ago, could very well be the case.

Where Anna selfishly left us wanting more, Hettie picks up and delivers a sizzling exposition of not one, but two relationships exploring sexual freedom and intimacy with hot Aliens. Amy's career has taken off and is in full on denial mode regarding her electrifying experience with Vair, something he plans on remedying the moment he waltzes back into her life. Who knew blackmail could be so sexy? Her strong will, fuels her need to fight the claim of ownership that Vair desires to make, leaving the reader to be conflicted regarding who to root for, I found myself switching teams multiple times throughout this story.

Jay, my favorite, non man-bun wearing, bisexual, supporting character, goes from trying to smuggle Amy out of the city, to playing doctor with nurse Shalee, a hot female alien. This was something I was excited to see an author explore. Don't get me wrong, I will always love me some hot male alpha energy, but give me an author whose willing to explore the trope less traveled and I'd be willing to read any other works the author has. I hope this isn't the end for Jay and Shalee, rather I would love to read a continuation of their relationship in later works. *hint hint*

Anna has added to this work with an ending that leaves you both relieved and wanting more. She even includes cameos of a few other characters from her Krinar universe, and since both authors cause you to become emotionally and sexually invested in any character they write, I highly recommend calling in sick while reading this one.

Little2Nemo ,

K worlds collide with two great Authors

Great Team effort with Anna Zaires and Hettie Ivers in the amazing Krinar world. I originally fell in love with Mia and Korum through Anna's Close Liaisons book. I was so glad we got a short update piece at the end of the book with Mia and Korum.

This is the story of Amy, a journalist looking to write a story on the X-Club of Krinar's. She’s heard all sorts of things about these sex clubs and thinks her story could make her a serious journalist. When Amy & her best friend Jay find one of these secret clubs to go undercover to investigate, they find a whole new world! Amy meets Vair, the club owner, a sexy alien. She thinks she’s good at keeping her job undercover, but the K’s have their way of knowing things. Vair falls for his little human and Amy reluctantly feels the same way. This is a funny story that is a standalone. The chemistry & sex is off the charts and the authors do a great job in wrapping this story up.
If you're worried about needing to follow a book order, you do not as most of the Krinar series spinoffs are their own stories and end at the end of the book.

I received a complimentary ARC of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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