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Lady Charlotte is bereft. Betrothed to a man she had never even met, she wishes her young life was over.

Then, at a masked ball, chance leads her into the arms of a handsome stranger. He introduces her to a world of sin, where pleasure and pain mingle to create one delicious whole. The passion that she feels for him is without limit, her lust uncontrollable.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

“This is a restricted area.” He spoke to her slowly.

“I- I beg your pardon my Lord but I fell in by accident.”

“You seemed quite taken with the pictures on the wall.” He observed. “Is there a particular reason?”

Charlotte felt her face burn with a most unattractive blush. His presence was daunting and overpowering. She didn’t care for the way he made her feel small and helpless.

“Speak!” He ordered her in such a loud tone that she jumped.

“I- I was lost.”

She watched in fascination rather than fear as he approached her. She was breathing so hard she could feel the creamy mounds of her breasts swelling above the top.

There was a sensuality about this man approaching her. She stared through the two holes cut out in the mask for his eyes and was lost in the clear blue depths. She could not move for the life of her. She watched him get closer and closer until he came to a stop beside her. He chose to sit on the couch.

“It’s not appropriate for us to be here without a chaperone, my lord,” she gulped.

“Then. my fair lady, shouldn’t you have thought of this before wandering off by yourself? And now I must punish you for daring to go off on your own without a chaperone.”

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May 30
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