Book 3 - Lairds of Ardvarrick

The Laird's Runaway Wife

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A gripping marriage-reunited story set between the Highlands and London.

Finding his wife…

Puts them both in peril!

When they were newly married, their lives had been full of joy, but tragedy has struck, and Grant Rathmore’s wife has run away to her father—a dangerous Jacobite sympathizer. Fearful for Madeleine’s life, Grant finds her at a London ball, looking more beautiful than ever and dancing without a care in the world. Now Grant vows to do whatever it takes to keep her safe…

From Harlequin Historical: Your romantic escape to the past.

Lairds of Ardvarrick

Book 1: Forbidden to the Highland Laird
Book 2: Rescued by Her Highland Soldier
Book 3: The Laird's Runaway Wife

May 24
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CelticBarb ,

An Extraordinary Read

Book:The Laird's Runaway Wife
Author: Sarah Mallory
Series: Lairds of Ardvarrick, Book #3
Publisher: Harlequin
Print Length: 272
Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars
Blog Rating: 5/5 Saltire Flags

Scotland and England

Laird Grant Rathmore had been spending a couple weeks away on the Black Isle dealing with a business opportunity. This would enhance his cattles bloodline and therefore help his clan. It was the first time in a long time he was excited about something with so much personal loss in the past year. Now he was excited to share this exciting news with his wife Madeleine who he called Maddie. Except when he went to locate her-he saw the look on his mother Ailsa’s face and knew it was going to be bad tidings no matter what she was going to tell him.

Grant was devastated to discover his wife had left him for her Jacobite sympathizer father who deserted her in Culloden. He again was using her once more as a pawn in his treasonous plans and twisted games. It is where Maddie had joined him in London in the glittery ballrooms as his arm ornament with all his Jacobite spy friends. Grant is is sure it is in assisting Prince Charles Edward Stuart in his latest game to get back on the throne! Now not only Maddie could be arrested for treason, but so could Grant and the people of Ardvarrick! So Grant follows her to London and she pleads for him to return to Scotland and Ardvarrick where he will be safe and out of danger. Not highly likely when he saw her in danger at every corner in every ballroom, theater or Jacobite sympathizer’s dinner party! He would keep her safe until she boarded a ship for France even if it killed him emotionally. As his heart was definitely broken, but he would not force her to be his wife again, as that wasn’t a resolution at all and she would hate him for that.

Maddie truly felt her marriage was over with her husband ignoring her for the past year, only so she would heal from her own loss. Maddie also didn’t see all the heartbreak in her own husbands heart and was jealous if he showed even her own female friend some attention, The problem was she still loved this man! Furthermore was being blackmailed by a man her father had confided in knowing her deepest secret including her marriage to Grant! So he blackmails her leaving her no choice or her husband and she would be executed for treason in the most painful way. So Maddie had no choice but to accept this vile villain’s terms which made her want to vomit!

Is Grant able to save Maddie and keep her safe and win back the love of his life? Will Maddie open her eyes and give her husband a second chance? Does Maddie have no choice in her future and will her blackmailer become her jailer for the rest of her life? Read and find out in this brilliant breathtaking tale! A book that can be read as a stand alone or in series order,

If you love second chance romance stories and one’s that might even have a true historical iconic character from history in their fictional story. Then look no further and grab this exciting new novel “The Lairds RunawayWife” by Sarah Mallory! This is the third book in this brilliant series which I have reviewed and blogged about for all three novels. Readers were first introduced to this family with Grant’s parents Logan and Ailsa in “Forbidden to the Highland Laird,” but were also previously introduced to Grant and Maddie in “Rescued by Her Highland Soldier”. So in a sense this is the second part to Grant and Maddie’s story. Each book was absolutely phenomenal as I recommend to read all three books!

As for “The Laird’s Runaway Wife,” it is definitely action packed from start to finish, where I found my heart racing and needing to catch my breath! A book I absolutely loved and can’t wait for the next book by this brilliant author that readers definitely don’t want to miss!

Lairds of Ardvarrick
Book 1: Forbidden to the Highland Laird
Book 2: Rescued by Her Highland Soldier
Book 3: The Laird's Runaway Wife

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy and an advance reader copy from the publisher and Harlequin. I voluntarily agreed to do a fair review and blog. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own.

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