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“Coauthors Steve Berry and M.J. Rose take lots of hairpin turns, making for an intense, suspenseful, and action-packed read. The Lake of Learning is the kind of page-turner that makes you crave a big bowl of popcorn—we just wanted it to keep on going.” ~ Apple Books

For over a decade Cassiopeia Vitt has been building an authentic French castle, using only materials and techniques from the 13th century. But when a treasure is unearthed at the construction site—an ancient Book of Hours—a multitude of questions are raised, all pointing to an ancient and forgotten religious sect.

Once the Cathars existed all across southern France, challenging Rome and attracting the faithful by the tens of thousands.  Eventually, in 1208, the Pope declared them heretics and ordered a crusade—the first where Christians killed Christians—and thousands were slaughtered, the Cathars all but exterminated.  Now a piece of that past has re-emerged, one that holds the key to the hiding place of the most precious object the Cathars possessed.  And when more than one person becomes interested in that secret, in particular a thief and a billionaire, the race is on.

From the medieval walled city of Carcassonne, to the crest of mysterious Montségur, to a forgotten cavern beneath the Pyrenees, Cassiopeia is drawn deeper and deeper into a civil war between two people obsessed with revenge and murder.

Mysteries & Thrillers
August 20
Evil Eye Concepts, Incorporated
Evil Eye Concepts, Inc.

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Frontierdoc ,

Book 2 in Series

The plot moves well in the novella length and many interesting things to learn. I have a degree in history but don’t recall even a passing note about the Cathars. Grateful to know about them now.

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