The Land of the Palouse

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This book is a photographic tribute to the stunning landscape of southeastern Washington know as the Palouse.  The area is characterized by rolling hills and rich fertile soils.  There are pleasing shapes, patterns, arcs, and colors transforming the hills throughout the seasons.  One can sit and watch the shadows from the clouds and the sunlight sculpt the landscape into constantly changing scenes.  After visiting this area in the spring or early summer, the vibrant greens and browns will never be forgotten.  Before harvest the land turns a beautiful gold as the wheat is ready for the combines.  Even after the harvest, the smooth curves of the cut stubble outline the topography of the land.  The same lines then turn to brown as the ground is disked and prepared for planting.  Spring returns and the rich, almost neon greens appear again as the wheat begins to sprout.  British landscape photographer, Charlie Waite, said the area reminded him of the Tuscany region.  The Land of the Palouse is the first of three iBooks planned.  The remaining two will feature The People of the Palouse and The Harvest of the Palouse.

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    April 5
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    Ronald B. Heusser

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    Skeptic511 ,


    This is an exquisite collection of photographs from this unique area in eastern Washington state. The author demonstrates an intimate knowledge of the Palouse and artistically expresses his vision with clarity and skill. More than just a book about a lovely location, this is a book about great photography. Well done!

    AZ Photos ,

    The Land of the Palouse

    Great book of photos and information about this amazing place. The Palouse is a great place to make landscape photos and the people are fantastic. This book is an excellent example of a nice, concise book about the area with beautiful images to show the reader what a great photographer can accomplish in this area.