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In this first volume of the AMERICAN NOVELLAS series, author Michael Xavier’s acclaimed novellas, THE GOOD BOY, BLAND FATHOMLESS CONTEMPT, EATING BUKOWSKI, & MOLLYWOOD are collected here for the first time in THE LAST CIGARETTE OF THE NIGHT. This edition also includes the first installment of the serialized novel LULLABY.

With 35 Illustrations by Eisner and Harvey Award winner, Rantz A. Hoseley, this ePub edition exclusively includes the Cinevellas* (narrated and directed by the author) for the stories contained in this book. 

*Cinevellas require active internet connection

Fiction & Literature
October 3
Confluence Press
Michael Xavier

Customer Reviews

patrizia___13 ,


Michael Xavier is amongst the most captivating American authors of our time. The Last Cigarette of The Night, his most recent compilation of short stories, is captivating. Each story is its own unique tale, yet shares a common thread that is delicately woven throughout the book. No detail is overlooked and every character is brilliantly developed. The beautiful artwork by Rantz Hosely, adds to the creative genius. You will find yourself so invested in the characters that you will fall in love with them. You may even find yourself shedding a tear or two. Beautifully written. A definite must read.

Shelly Aspenson ,


This book is a veritable gift box for the human heart, a handful of stories that call out every emotion, remove the blinders to reality, and introduce the mind to a new way of thinking. I didn’t just read them, I felt like I lived them. It was uplifting, harsh, illuminating and heart-breaking from The Good Boy to the last chapter of Lullaby. I fell in love with the characters and didn’t want to leave them, but what will keep pulling me back to read this again and again is the raw heart and hope that burned beneath the surface of each story. This book is amazing, and I can’t wait for the next one.



How? How does he do it? How does he walk around, living day to day with this much emotion hiding behind those eyes of his. My first time reading The Good Boy tore my heart to shreds. This is my favorite in this Volume. I have yet to read Lullaby. I cannot wait to get home and soak it all in. Thank you for sharing your stories with us, Michael. I am anxiously awaiting what you put out next. - L.A.

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