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Don’t miss the final installment in the Treasure of Paragon Series!

He’s a dead man walking. 

After three hundred years, Marius must face a world that has moved on without him. Haunted by the horrors he endured and desperate for distraction, he finds relief in a dragon named Harlow, the alluring daughter of a washed up Paragonian aristocrat. With her help, he makes his return to the fighting pits. Only without his former royal status, victory is hardly guaranteed.

She’s flirting with danger.

Life as Harlow knew it is over. Her family was lucky to escape execution for their former support of Empress Eleanor. Now, she’s just thankful to be alive and that her keen talent for wagering on the Pits has proven a means to keep her family afloat.

Together, they’ll battle demons known and unknown.

When Harlow’s father shares his plan to mate her off to a ruthless business tycoon to catapult their family back into Paragonian high society, she fears only a huge financial windfall will save her from a harrowing future. She’s placing her bets on Marius, but will the former heir apparent live up to his glory days? And will either of them survive the battles waged outside the arena?

January 25
Carpe Luna Publishing
Carpe Luna LTD

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