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Twenty-seven year old Carrie Thompson-Sherman has the life she always wanted: her PhD, a prestigious fellowship, and an amazing husband.

Her charmed life begins to unravel as a jealous colleague puts her fellowship in jeopardy and a hideous secret Ray carried home from Afghanistan comes to light. Hanging on by a single thread, a disastrous accident puts both her husband and her sister's lives at risk. Heartbroken, Carrie will be faced with the most devastating choice of her life.

A choice that will change everything. 

The Last Hour is part of a series of novels centering around the Thompson sisters. Though the books center on the same family, they are standalone novels and can be read in any order.

Fiction & Literature
April 18
Cincinnatus Press
Charles Sheehan-Miles dba Cincinnatus Press

Customer Reviews

berryb83 ,

Heartbreaking, beautiful and bittersweet... just the way A Last Hour should be!

So, I was totally expecting another romantic story about another Thomson sister, with a beautiful but predictable happy ending, when I first picked up this book. I guess the title and the reviews would have clued me in, had I been paying more attention but I was still over the moon over Alex an Dylan's story and I wanted to watch Sherman and Carrie fall in love as soon as possible...

The love story did not disappoint. It was honest, magical and beautiful, just like both of the main characters. Their positive energy and drive, their bravery and strength that was hinted at in the previous book of the series was, once again, front and center for every reader to either fall in love with or stew in envy over...

It was almost like watching to stars that shine too brightly come together, for the most beautiful but brief explosion/pyrotechnics ever, only to be seperated again because that kind of magic and beauty can not be sustained for very long. This love story... Carrie and Ray (Sherman) together, they seemed like they were too perfect for this imperfect world... I cried my heart out while reading, but I also understood why the story just had to happen the way it did...

Iin "The Last Hour" Charles Sheehan-Miles masterfully told the poweful story of how these two extraordinary people came together with an almost epic love, possibly rushed and fueled by the knowledge that life is fleeting and we all need to grab what happiness we can whenever and wherever we find it. He made us imagine the story of a love that could have been, while simultaneously preparing us for a heartbreaking but heroic farewell that still managed to contain just a little bit of hope.

And though it doesn't seem like enough, when it comes to hope, sometimes a little bit is all you need, to see the beauty in everthing, including this story...

I absolutely fell in love with this "The Last Hour" despite the lack of a typical happy ending, and I recommend it to anyone willing to risk shedding some tears in order to watch a beautiful love story unfold...

I'm definitely looking forward to more stories from this author who already had caught my attention with "A Song For Julia," but without a doubt, managed to capture my heart with "The Last Hour." I'm definitely hooked now, probably for good!

123justbetweenunme ,

So good

Riveting. I could not put this down.

BBT1972 ,


This story left me speechless. It was gut wrenching and beautiful at the same time.

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