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Do you ever feel hopeless in a world filled with pain and injustice? Discover how the final teachings of Jesus can give you hope and inspiration.

Are you disheartened by senseless suffering and violence? Are you a Christian searching for encouraging guidance? Pastor Daniel Sweet and author Andrew Gilmore understand your struggle. After helping thousands find encouragement through the gospel message, they’ve teamed up to help you weather this troubled world and rediscover your faith.

The Last Lessons of Christ: Living by Faith in an Age of Despair is a powerful guide to help you be a light in the darkness and renew your convictions. At a time when so many Christians seem to have resigned themselves to despair or apathy, it is useful to remember that Jesus taught something radically different.

On the road to Jerusalem for the last time before his crucifixion, Jesus used every precious second he had left to prepare his disciples for his absence. Whether by miracle, object lesson, or parable, Jesus focused on one thing: faith. In contrast to the watered down version of faith we see in mass media throughout Western culture, Jesus taught that faith can move mountains.

Through encouraging parables, relevant lessons, and personal anecdotes, Sweet and Gilmore share empowering messages that can be applied to your everyday life. Easy-to-read with a touch of humor, this inspirational guide will help you rediscover lessons from scripture to transform your life.

In The Last Lessons of Christ, you’ll discover:

- How to rise above a world full of despair and reclaim your hope

- A deeper understanding of Luke’s gospel that will bring you unexpected joy

- How to make a difference in the world through spiritual empowerment

- The historical and cultural context of first century Israel

- Relevant lessons you can turn to over and over again, and much, much more!

The Last Lessons of Christ is the fresh look at faith you need amidst a world of turmoil. If you like learning through God’s wisdom, living an inspired existence, and seeking out hope, then you’ll love Daniel Sweet and Andrew Gilmore’s life-changing guide.

Buy The Last Lessons of Christ to rediscover the type of faith Jesus taught his own disciples!

Religion & Spirituality
April 11
Sequoyah Trails Press
Andrew Gilmore