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The first volume in William Manchester's masterful, magnum opus account of Winston Churchill's life. The Last Lion: Visions of Glory follows the first fifty-eight years of Churchill's life--the years that mold him into the man who will become one of the most influential politicians of the twentieth century.

In this, the first volume, Manchester follows Churchill from his birth to 1932, when he began to warn against the re-militarization of Germany. Born of an American mother and the gifted but unstable son of a duke, his childhood was one of wretched neglect. He sought glory on the battlefields of Cuba, Sudan, India, South Africa and the trenches of France. In Parliament he was the prime force behind the creation of Iraq and Jordan, laid the groundwork for the birth of Israel, and negotiated the independence of the Irish Free State. Yet, as Chancellor of the Exchequer he plunged England into economic crisis, and his fruitless attempt to suppress Gandhi's quest for Indian independence brought political chaos to Britain.

Throughout, Churchill learned the lessons that would prepare him for the storm to come, and as the 1930's began, he readied himself for the coming battle against Nazism--an evil the world had never before seen.

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Customer Reviews

Jukut undis ,

Very good book

Very good book

Chuck Dawg ,

The Last Lion

I recommend this entire series to anyone interested in one of the greatest men in modern history. Churchill was right about just about everything from socialism, Bolshevism, Nazi's to how to best run a country. Read this and then read the other 2 Alone and Defender of the Realm.

Listening in Appleton ,

Just couldn't do it

I really wanted to like this book and really tried to but just couldn't get into it. Found his language too much and his obvious adulation overbearing.

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