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What if you knew there was life after death?
Eli is back from the dead… and determined to stop the powerful ascenders who blasted him out to the void. But in the three days he was gone, the world moved on. The girl he loves is determined to build an army of augmented humans to fight the ascenders—with herself as the next Offering. The ascenders are lining up in a death cult based on the charismatic ascender Eli accidentally released from storage—and all the restraints that have kept the ascender world in balance are now off. Everyone is rushing to be the first to bring a Second Singularity—to reach the numinous world from which Eli just returned—regardless of the cost. And the chaos and bloodshed of the first Singularity show just how high that cost can be. How can he stop the world from hurtling off the cliff when he’s the one who proved there’s something to reach, if only you could learn how to fly?

The Last Mystic is the thrilling conclusion to the Singularity series.
This philosophical, HopePunk sci-fi series explores the intersection of mind, body, and soul in a post-Singularity world.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 7
Twisted Space LLC
Twisted Space LLC

Customer Reviews

Bayoublast1 ,

The last mystic

Eli is back from the dead and Kamali is ready to be the next offering to hopefully bring about the second Singularity. But the more times Eli goes in to get others out and save others from death, he figures out what is meant by him being the bridge, and there is possibly another way to bring about the Second Singularity than just offering up Kamali his girlfriend.

This is the last book of the Singularity series and it is just as action packed and philosophical as the others in the series. Mrs. Quinn will keep you on your toes throughout this book as there are twists and enlightening around every corner. This is a great book and a wonderful series it is one that can take you places you never expected to go.

I'm new at this ,

The plot builds well, and then...

This story had so much potential, I wish there was a way to warn readers when they should skip a paragraph or entire page. While it was interesting and enjoyable to read something completely different, this series became monotonous. There is much repeating of certain words, phrases, and actions.
(The main character feels he is not enough, he clenches his fists, or the person he is speaking to clenches their fists, his girlfriend has beautiful hair, light in her eyes, and dances when she’s happy, etc.)

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