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Semi fiction Novel Explores St. Malachis Prediction of the Last Pope
Author gives readers a dose of controversy, action, mystery and thrill in new book
With many existing publications predicting the world disasters and other conspiracies about the end of days, here is at last an all encompassing thriller that will get your mind racing. According to prophecies of St. Malachi, the last pope would come and signal the second coming of Christ. Author Franois Lejeune explores this fascinating concept in The Last Prophecy: The Last Pope.
This semi fiction looks at what many ancients have foretold the election of the last pope. This last pope will be against the New World Order as he will want to, according to prophecy, return the Catholic Church to its roots. Within the Vatican are some who oppose to this idea and therefore seek to eliminate the last pope before he can be elected for their personal gains.
Meanwhile, the heroes in this story are brought together by someone who stands against the predicted Anti-Christ. Composed of men and women who have gifts in investigating strange occurrences, this group embarks on a quest to find and protect the true last pope. After surviving an assassination attempt, they escape and eventually make their way to Eastern Europe where groups of secret societies and members of The New World Order try and stop them. It will only be a matter of days before they will be able to save Christianity before it ultimately ends.
With an in-depth look at all the predictions and end time scenarios as an Epilogue, The Last Prophecy: The Last Pope is a thrilling novel that appeals to everyone who has an interest in Conspiracy theories, end time Prophecies and who is at a point in their lives wondering where it is all going and what its all about.

Fiction & Literature
August 22
Xlibris UK

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